What Breed Is My Dog: 3 Dog DNA Tests to Get to Know Your Pup

Are you the proud pet parent of an adorable “Heinz 57” mutt and find yourself wondering, “What breed is my dog?” Well, it’s time to solve the mystery of your pup’s roots. With a dog breed identification test, you can finally discover exactly what breeds your dog falls under, plus other valuable information about their... Continue Reading →


How cold is too cold for dogs?

If you're on social media for any length of time in the winter you will see a variety of posts about "bring your pets inside" and yes, you probably should bring your pets inside. But, what happens if your pet doesn't want to come inside? Exhibit A:     Meet Sneaux; he is a fluffy,... Continue Reading →

12 Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers

The holiday season is approaching and we are all rushing to find that perfect gift! Check out these gifts for your favorite dog lover this Christmas! 1. Frontporch Natural Christmas Dog Pillow - Target ($49.99) Get this PAWSOME Christmas themed pillow to bring your favorite dog lovers home space some tail wagging cuteness!  2. 2-Sided... Continue Reading →

7 Tips To Moving With Dogs

No matter where you are moving or why - nothing changes the fact that moving is AWFUL! We pack everything in boxes and carefully stack them up to simply put them in large trucks - hoping that are careful packaging will protect our items - and then unpack these suckers at the next place. Oh,... Continue Reading →

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