About Pippin Tails:

Pippin Tails started when we adopted Pippin (aka the worst dog ever) in 2015. He came into our lives and 100% disrupted everything in our home, including our best and most amazing dog ever, Lu Dog. (She was the only dog and may now hate me for life.) It may have been crazy, but we loved every minute of it. (Okay, maybe not every minute but close enough!) Since adopting Pippin we have also adopted a crabby senior dog named Sneaux, and a silly Ragdoll cat named Chester. In addition to these furry babies, we also have an ornery Betta fish named Sirius, we foster wild turtles, and we have a domesticated, but thinks he is wild, Arabian horse named Titan. Needless to say, they keep us busy! All of these creatures have inspired me to share information, research, products and more with other pet parents. If you follow our instagram, you will see a bit of our lives. Check out our Facebook for updates, articles and of couse we share the occassional meme or funny video too. We have Twitter but since we are not bird people, we really do not know what to do with it! Pippin Tails is the dog blog every human needs but, we have become more than that, we are now the blog that every pet parent needs!
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