A Quick How To Guide On Summer Outtings With Fido


The world is heating up and it’s almost summer time! That means not just the humans are coming out to play!

It’s patio pup season! But here’s a few tidbits to help your patio pup have just as much fun as you:

  1. Bring your own water and bowl if you’re not familiar with the establishment. Some bars and patios will have water bowls for pets but some city laws won’t allow it.
  2. Think how long you’ll be out. Pack a single serving of dog food for each dog. Or, if your dog is spoiled rotten, but them some grilled chicken while you’re out.
  3. Have a great leash! This one is a must! I’ll tell you what makes our lives easier – Mountain Dog Leashes. We have the split leash for both our dogs. They are recycled climbing or skiing rope and even if chewed they will replace.
  4. Have an great collar too! So Lu dog is a good dog and never pulls so she has a basic and pretty collar. Pippin on the other hand has to have a tough and hardy collar. We got him a Lupine martingale collar to prevent him ever slipping out of a collar when we are out and about. He has the blue bone print and it looks so sharp!
  5. If your dog needs it, and if anyone has seen Pippin on a leash they know he’s in this category, you need a good harness. Right now we use the Ezydog Chest Plate harness. It’s a great tool and we are looking forward to trying some of their directive products in the future! But they probably have the best made harnesses I’ve found! (And I also have horses so I feel like a good judge of “tough” products.)
  6. Of course, this one could be posted anywhere but microchips are handy too! You never know what could happen in an unfamiliar area even if you’ve followed steps 3 and 4. We have 911 Pet Chips but as long as you keep it updated all chips should be good.
  7. The last one and a must for any adventure and general wellness. Vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate!

Have some fun in the sun with your pup! Just make sure they are ready for the environment you are taking them too. Sometimes we even bring some favorite bones to keep them occupied too.


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