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Product Review: Outward Hound 

Even when the country was in recession, pet products have always sold well. It’s been proven that people will go without to provide for their fur babies. I know I will easily skip my afternoon Starbucks if it means they are getting some new yummy treat!

That being said, we did our weekly toy shopping today. We stopped doing fluff toys, and our couch got eaten. Check out our crate training post for more details on our apparently edible couch!

So, we thought it might be an important stimulus for our modern house dog to be able to “kill” their toys and defluff them. I think it is an important part of our dogs lives to give in to their primitive desires. As long as that doesn’t lead them to eating the furniture. So, we went out to get the squeakiest, fluffiest creatures we could find! This time, we found them on a TJ Maxx/Homegoods trip. Which may or may not have led to other shopping. But, that’s not what this post is about…

I wanted to highlight a particular brand we bought. I found it very unique that one brand of toys was able to produce two very unique toys! We were able to find out squeakiest toy in the form of a gecko and our fluffiest toy in the form of a normally much more spiky creature! We bought OUTWARD HOUND  Hedgehogz and Invincibles Gecko!

Outward Hound Hedgehogz. Hedgehog toys have ALWAYS been a favorite in our house! This one has all sorts of sounds!

This colorful Outward Hound Gecko was a huge hit! It squeaked and  then kept on squeaking! 
So, what’s your pets favorite toy? We love these! Thanks Outward Hound!

Click here to buy Invincibles Geckos starting at $9.99.

Click here to buy Hedgehogz starting at $4.99.

That’s all for now! We really loved these great toys and we know your pets would love them too! Stay tuned for more fun toys and doggie surprises! Keep playing pup friends!

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