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Multi Product Review: Woofgang Bakery 

I am starting to notice just how spoiled our pups are. It’s hard not to when you start blogging about their lives. This time though, it is SO not my fault! Dog Dad and his human child went to Woofgang Bakery and surprised our pups with some goodies!

I think they are going to love them! 

What a stash pile! Doggie dreams have come true! We have two plush toys by P.L.A.Y, two flower cookies in orange and green and Woof Gang Pumpkin Little Bites dog treats! 

Did I say spoiled yet? Okay, let’s move into our product review! We will start with our spring time cookies! These yummy treats are baked to perfection and covered in icing! The dogs loved them! Lu ate hers whole and Pippin took his time and licked all his icing off first. I think it’s safe to say he savored every minute!


You have to be wondering what those plush toys are! We got a carrot toy and a bell pepper toy that are inspired by healthy food. It’s becoming obvious we have taught the human daughter to eat her veggies. So that being said, I had a little extra fun with these toys!

That is where these go right? I thought so too!
These two plushes are TOO CUTE! Just adorable and I couldn’t get enough of them. These healthy looking plushes are made by P.L.A.Y.  PET LIFESTYLE AND YOU and are great!  Not only are they washable, durable and squeaky but they are certified non-toxic. These little plushes are a big hit and have lasted longer than our big “destuffing toys”.  Let’s see what our two healthy hounds thought about these!


How could it get better than that? Well of course it does! The carrot toy came with a carrot doggie treat recipe and the bell pepper toy came with a human recipe! Stay tuned in the future for a DIY dog treat blog and who knows, maybe this will be our recipe for the dogs and our dinner that night!

So we had our cookies and now our adorable stuffed veggies. Now it is time for the treats! Oh, but let’s take a moment to discuss doggie health. It took us two days to put this particular post together because we didn’t want to over do it on the yummies all at one time. We make sure, even when having fun, that we take our dogs calories and health into account first.

Okay, okay, back to treats. Woofgang Bakery produces many different flavors of treats! We picked up a pack of Woofgang Bakery Pumpkin Little Bites. The breakdown here is they are made in the USA, natural and wheat free (for those sensitive systems). Their only  ingredients include; oatmeal, honey, soybean oil, flax, pumpkin, rice flour, soy flour, whey, dried whole eggs, cinnamon, ginger, allspice and cloves. Hungry yet? These treats can be found at Woofgang Premium.

All you doggie parents out there recognize that injury to our rug right? Yeah, thats what teething does to your home if you don’t pay attention. If you haven’t seen our previous post on “the dog house” check it out to find out what our home really looks like!

I don’t know about your fur babies but ours LOVE pumpkin. There is just something about the smell and flavor that excites them so much. Though they love all flavors they just go crazy for pumpkin flavored anything! It kind of makes me think of those fall Starbucks junkies and their PSL obsession. These treats looked good enough for us dog parents to eat and the dogs just loved them!

These guys may have had a few too many of these when I was trying to get some fun photos! I don’t think they are complaining though! You can see the quality of this treat as well as how much fun it is to eat! Our Woofgang Bakery products were a great success! We tried a little bit of everything and the dogs loved every moment of yummy snacks and playtime.


Want to learn more about Woofgang Bakery? See below.

Have you heard of Woofgang Bakery?  If you have than you know how wonderful they are! If you haven’t well, let’s fix that. Woofgang Bakery is growing and has been recognized the 11th largest pet retailer. ( Woofgang Bakery can be found in Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.  If you live in any of the follow states you need to check this place out! If not, check them out online by clicking here.  If you want to get real crazy with it, you can contact them about franchising and possibly bring one to YOUR state!

We love our Woofgang Bakery located in Cary, NC! We ended up at Woofgang for a dog rescue day that they were hosting for Hope Animal Rescue. After that, we were sold!  That’s where we purchased our Ezy Dog Harness, Lupine collar for Pippin and our Up Country Peace Sign collar for Lu. To get more info on the Lupine collar and Ezy Dog Harness check out our Patio Pups post.We even got our dog door bells in NC State print from there. (I will post those in another upcoming blog.)

It’s safe to say that the dogs have everything Woofgang and we would love for you to check them out!

This is how Pippin felt about me blogging when apparently, I should be playing fetch. He loves his carrot toy!


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