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Humans Only: “A Dog’s Purpose” By Bruce Cameron 

In our Humans Only post this week we are highlighting a fantastic book!  “A Dog’s Purpose” by Bruce Cameron is one of the best known novels for dog lovers!

We already know this book is insanely popular but, what you don’t know is why YOU need to read it!

For starters, this book is written from the dogs perspective and with the dogs voice. As you are curled up in your cozy space pursuing  this book you truly feel like you are starting to understand your own dog’s mind. If that doesn’t give you all the feels, I don’t know what will!

You will navigate 325 pages of a dogs heart, mind and soul. You will experience loss, heartache and fear. You will experience loyalty, honor and kindness. You will take this journey and by the end of it, you will be different.

It will tug at every emotional heart string you have! So, if you opt to read this at a coffee house or a public place, be prepared for some outbreaks that are going to have strangers staring at you. That’s fine though, maybe you can tell them how PAWSOME it is and can recommend where to get a copy in your home town. (There’s always of course or if you want to order right now!)

A quote from another of my favorite books; The Immortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare.

We will be continuing our adventure in this story by picking up a copy of this books sequel; A Dog’s Journey by Bruce Cameron. Stay tuned to our Humans Only posts for more on that novel! Check out the A Dog’s Purpose (and more) site here!

Okay, so this is great and a super easy to understand book review right? It’s a great book, it is about a dogs ever changing life and you need to buy it.

But wait! There’s more! Do you not have time for a whole novel? Or reading isn’t really quite your thing? That’s okay! A Dog’s Purpose is going to making a debut as a movie in 2017! I promise you that I will share that trailer as soon as it is released! (I’d still read the book too!)

Have a book you think we should read? A favorite dog themed movie? Let us know! We’d love to feature it on Humans Only!

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