Product Review: Kronch USA Salmon Dog Treats and Salmon Oil

We had the pleasure of partnering up with Kronch USA to taste test their salmon and potato dog treats and their koldpressed salmon oil that is a s dry dog food additive. Let me tell you that the moment we brought the package inside those doggie noses just went to work! They knew instantly that it was for them!


Let’s talk salmon! All of the salmon is from Denmark and you can tell it is super fresh! Kronch USA states they within 24 hours of being caught, these bad boys are pressed into yummy squares for our pets to enjoy! In addition Kronch USA is the only company to cold press the oil out of the salmon as a pet food additive therefore making sure that your furry pal is getting all of the nutrients possible! So, those are the main details and we encourage you to visit them at their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Until then, let’s review!


As we pulled the bag out I noticed two big deal things. The pups could smell it and they REALLY wanted to get into the bag. The second, I couldn’t smell it! That was the best part! I don’t know about other pet owners here but we love supplementing fish into our pups diet but boy does it stink! These treats didn’t outright smack in you in the face with fish! Considering I am the one that has to feed it, I really appreciated that. There were only two ingredients to these treats: Salmon and Potato. I LOVE THAT! It sounds like something I would feed myself!

These treats were a hit! I won’t deny that they ate the whole bag up and are slightly spoiled. But hey, it’s a dogs life, right?

We then tried the salmon oil on our dry dog food. Since we have never tackled what we actually feed our dogs, I figured I would tackle that here. We feed Eukanuba in our house. They did a fantastic 10 year study that I think all pet owners should check out. We love our dog food but this little addition had them gobbling it all down in record time! That’s actually saying quite a bit in Pippin’s world as he is quite possibly the slowest eater EVER!

I would say Kronch USA has something going here that many pet parents will love. Simple ingredients, healthy treats and a good product. Our dogs loved them, we loved them and we are thankful for Kronch USA for partnering with us here at Pippin Tails!

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