Just For Fun: A Day In The Life Of Pippin

Whenever a human leaves the house there is an enviable moment that we have while looking at our furry companions. We think to ourselves, “I want my dogs life”.  This is not a bad thought, at all. In fact, who wouldn’t want to nap on and off for hours on end, eat tons of yummy food and pay absolutely no bills. It’s sort of like childhood all over again. The only thing that I think they could complain about is not being able to change the TV channel. I am sure there are days they watch straight infomercials and want to eat all the furniture because of them.

Just for fun, we wanted to showcase a day in the life of Pippin. He has it pretty stellar. To be honest, I am pretty jealous. You probably will be too. So without further delay, here is Pippin’s day! 


Pippin doesn’t know what an alarm is. He doesn’t care when he wakes up. His only care in the world is snuggles and more snuggles.



At this point in the day Pippin is ready. He is so ready. So what is Pippin ready to do?



We took our walk in the park! There is so much to smell! This time we didn’t run into the geese. Which, in retrospect, is probably a VERY good thing since they are parading around the town with their little babies in tow. But we ran, played, smelled and walked until our tongues were long and the deed was done! We also got to try our new Lupine No Pull Harness. It was a fantastic choice! It was a little funny for Pippin to get used to at first but in the end, it made for a MUCH more enjoyable walking experience!


It was then time for the mid-day nap. How amazing would that be right? He stole the fur blanket, cozied up and had himself a good rest.

Once Pippin was all recouped for the day it was time for the humans to go out and play! But of course, we bring the dogs! It was a beautiful night so we took the dogs to a great patio in our town. Aviator Brewery Tap House is right in our neighborhood so we went and relaxed after a long day. The dogs got to get all the love from so many people! But, the night didn’t end there!


The humans call this a “bar crawl” all I know is this a long walk!

After we relaxed on the patio at Aviator we went to another neighborhood spot and everyone had dinner! The dogs were served chilled, plain grilled chicken breasts cut up and made to order. Now, why wouldn’t we have pictures of that? Maybe because they ate it all in about 10 seconds flat! I am not sure they even tasted it! When we are out and about they always know they are getting an extra special dinner! The Mason Jar Tavern always takes care of these pups! In fact, they have watched Pippin grow up from a palm sized puppy to this big ham that eats chicken breasts for dinner!


Someone is a sleepy puppy! Don’t we all wish we could sleep this well!?


A day in the life of Pippin is just too much fun! So we ended up back where we started, snuggled in bed. This time he was in the “sleepy pup” position and ready for the final rest of the day.

In my personal opinion, our dogs have fantastic days! Pippin got to snuggle, walk, play, sniff and didn’t have to foot the bill at any restaurants. He then got to snuggle back in his bed and never have to worry about doing laundry, setting the morning alarm or any of those mundane human necessities.

I try and remind myself to take a day like this and just to simply live as my dog lives. To be carefree, friendly, happy, active and above all just fully notice the whole day as it goes by. Not to get stuck in the routine and literally, stop and smell the roses. Or in Pippin’s case, the goose poo. But I don’t want to smell goose poo.

So get out there and for at least one day, live as your dog wants you to live. 



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