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Product Review: Merrick Pet Care Special Edition Food & Power Bites

How often do we cook a great supper on the grill, enjoy a holiday with friends, savor a perfect dinner on a Sunday night or go out to a festival in our towns? All of the time! Why? Because we are human! Now, as much as we want to, we know Fido shouldn’t be eating all that human food that isn’t aways safe for dogs! Some of these items will have onions or too much salt and poor Fido just can’t indulge in all he fun!

Merrick Pet Care is here to resolve all of that! As you’ll see in our previous post about “Who is Pippin? What is His tail? ” we have always enjoyed Merrick products for our special occasions! We now have the privilege of sharing with you their Limited Edition Summer Collection of super yummy dog foods for Fido to enjoy while you’re enjoying your celebrations this year! As you can see, the pups were just too excited to unwrap this review for you!

Our pups really enjoyed these products, and in healthy portions, were able to try four great recipes by Merrick! All four recipes are Limited Edition, so make sure you get them soon! All of these foods are for all life stages, all breed,grain free and made in the USA. Even all the ingredients are locally sourced, and no ingredients come from China.

We will be “uncanning” their foods and showing you what is REALLY in these cans! Now, it helps that Merrick has a 100% satisfaction guarantee for you, and your pet. BUT, it helps even more knowing that we at Pippin Tails have given it our pet parent approval and our taste testers have both given it TWO PAWS UP!

Let’s begin! 

The first recipe to hit the table that these lucky hounds tried as the Hot Off The Grill recipe.  Immediately when I opened it I was wowed by the presentation! If I didn’t tell you it was dog food, I doubt you would know it! It is filled with chicken, white potatoes, bacon and cheddar cheese in gravy. SCRUMPTIOUS!

If only you could have seen the begging eyes during this “uncanning” of the dog food. I am surprised this one even made it on the table! The dogs were on this one so quick!  This “almost didn’t make it because it got ate” can was the Star Spangled Supper. This recipe is filled with beef, yukon gold potatoes, sweet potatoes and bacon! YUM!

We then decided that we would give Winner Winner Chicken Dinner a go! This gravy just looked dogalicious! This dish is filled with big chunks of chicken with peas and carrots in gravy. This one looked so human it should have been served with a fork and knife!  PAWSOME!

There is just so much greatness to this line up! Last up on the table is, The Texas State Fair Stew. Before I even opened this can I was thinking of my favorite beef stew that I like to serve up to family and friends. Well, I don’t know what it means, but this looks JUST like it! This is served up with big chunks of beef, yukon gold potatoes and carrots. DELIGHTFUL!

These were some great looking foods! It is also important to note that Merrick has a commitment to excellence. They always serve the best and most wholesome ingredients in all of their products. Not only do they look amazing but the first ingredient in every one of these dishes is “Deboned Meat” (beef or chicken).


This line up was GREAT! Each one of these Merrick Limited Edition Grain Free Season Recipes were so very appreciated by our pups. But we did have two that stood above the rest in the mix in our Pippin and Lu taste test. Lu’s favorite was the Hot Off The Grill. She ate it up so quick and was just IN LOVE with the flavors. (Probably the fact that it has cheddar cheese in the gravy too! That’s one of her favorite training treats!) Pippin on the other hand showed his clear favorite was the Texas State Fair Stew. He just rampaged his dish and was enthralled with the flavors! Everything is bigger in Texas, and apparently Pippin’s appetite fits the bar too! He would love Texas!

We have an extra treat for you too!


We got some yummy grain and gluten free Power Bites – Soft & Chewy dog treats from Merrick as well! These are phenomenal training treats and we have two great flavors that we sampled. I would like to say that we made them do tricks for treats, but these were just so tasty they wanted to gobble them right up. Speaking of gobble..

Our first treat that we tried was the Turduken recipe! As with all Merrick branded goodies, they are made in the USA. Real turkey is the #1 ingredient with veggies and fruits for that added power punch!

The second bag of super yummy treats our doggie taste testers had to bark about was the Real Rabbit and Sweet Potato Recipie! Rabbit is the #1 ingredient and of course features the fruits and veggies needed to make this a power bite snack!

We LOVED our Merrick products and our taste testers loved diving right into this one! If you are interested in buying Merrick products you can order online or of course find a store near you. Go to Merrick Pet Care’s website for more info on how to bring these amazing product into your home today! Merrick is whole food, made right and we at Pippin Tails approve!


We love Merrick so much that we want to help you try it for free too! All you have to do is LIKE US ON FACEBOOK to find our giveaway link!

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