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Pet Treater May Box: An Unboxing of Subscription Boxes

Want to treat your pet? Pet Treater might just be the box for you! It has a personalized touch and a thought out theme that will make your truly enjoying unboxing all these goodies with Fido.

Subscriptions boxes have been a huge source of thrill for pet parents and pets alike! It’s so hard to choose which one to order for our favorite fur babies! We spent some time this weekend unboxing Pet Treater’s subscription box so we could tell you all about it!

For starters, we were pleasantly surprised to find out that we had a doggy bed in our box!  What a great surprise from Pet Treater! You can get a free doggie bed too! Use code PT-BED for a free pet bed with your first order! How cool is that?


Come on humans. You know we can smell what is in this box right? Right. So let’s do this!

So, our product review agents were patient with us while we made sure to do a thorough look through on Pet Treater’s box. But let’s do a full unboxing here for all of us pet parents out there!

As a person that takes thoughtfulness to the heart, I loved receiving the hand written envelope to Layla. One,  I am super jealous of their handwriting and if I could do that I would be handwriting this blog or you all. Two, it’s just a nice touch that shows the company actually does pay attention to each box.  Oh, and for those of you that don’t know, Layla is Lu Dog’s full name. But, she’s always been Lu dog to us! 

So you can see how many wonderful goodies came to us in this box! To summarize, we have treats and a cookie, toys and even something for us humans! WHAT?! Human things! We love human things too! I loved how versatile this box was providing various goodies that all pet owners will love. Their theme for May was Doggy De Mayo and it was an absolute fiesta!

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 1.25.15 PM(source)

Pet Treater brings your favorite items, from your favorite stores to your doorstep every month. They promise and better value than you can get by finding all these tasty goodies and I think they did an excellent job of proving that within this Doggy De Mayo box.

Shall we begin? I think so.

Cute Stuff For Dogs Category: We received this adorable bandana and it was just too cute! We also received this Silver Tails Doggie Massager. Lu dog LOVED it, Pippin (who is only 1 years old after all) wanted to play with it… But overall this was a fun relaxing on the couch bonding toy to play rub down the pups with! It adjust to hand size too which was good for all pet owners!

Dog Mom calls us her “dog models” we know that means treats so we try really hard!

This aspect made the pups feel very pampered. I liked having that aspect to a treat box! Let’s be honest, we just LOVED taking pictures in the Let’s Feista Then Siesta bandana. I feel like that summed up our house so well!

Toys For Dogs Category: In this category we got not just one, but two toys for Fido to play with. Both were different kinds of toys and I appreciated that. I will tell you, I personally didn’t watch the Bozo show but Dog Dad was enthralled with this toy specifically. (Want to know more about “The Bozo Show”? Check it out on IMBD.) It squeaked in two different places and it was a total smash! This rope toy by Boots&Barkley was a great addition as it’s tough and will last all month until the the next box arrives at your door step! Let’s see what the product testers thought of these toys!

Can you believe all the fun we are having?

As with any pet household, I think toys always are a big favorite around here! Lu dog loved the rope toy and thought it was just the greatest! Pippin on the other hand LOVED LOVED LOVED Bozo. I think this little clown took the cake of the box this month. He carried it with him every where and took it on all sorts of adventures. He had the zoomies with it and carried it outside with him too!

Treats For Dog Category: As you can see, Pippin just couldn’t resist getting in this shot. I could have cut it out, but he is so stinking cute. (Yes, I know my dog is counter surfing!) In our Doggie de Mayo box we had some super yummy treats! We had a taco cookie, adorable right? Then we had DOG Jerkeez in Taco Flavor! Such a cute touch to the whole box!


We split our taco cookie! It was super yummy and of course, adorable.

We loved our taco flavored jerky! Look at Lu’s first taste face! 


We then had the Your Pet Chef No Guilt Treats. Everything was tasty but these No Guilt Treats were probably my favorite treats as a pet parents and the dogs seemed to like them the best too. It appears that Your Pet Chef makes specialized nutrition for pets and you can tell they put a lot of thought into their products. Here’s why we loved these. 1. The value you are getting for these being in Pet Treater is awesome and you probably couldn’t try them otherwise. 2. They are made in the USA and the ingredients are simple and healthy. (Red Treat: ground chicken, beets and apple. White Treat: ground chicken, turnip and banana. Green Treat: ground chicken, spinach and peas.) There were about 80 calories per freeze dried treat.


So the dogs got some cool stuff! But of course I got a little bolt of excitement when I got something cool too! It’s nice that Pet Treater remember those that actually have the thumbs to place orders for yummy puppy treats! Heck, I love my dogs. Duh. But gosh it’s nice sometimes to be noticed too!

IMG_3001This little guy will be in our kitchen helping with the cooking from now on! Too cute! 

So where does Pet Treater stand at the end of our unboxing? Well before I get into the value and synopsis I want to include that they had some additional information in their box that should be shared.

Firstly, I want to touch back on the personally labeled letter for Lu dog. It included a letter from Brody at Pet Treater. He included some nap time tips for pups and reminded us that with purchase of Pet Treater that you have helped give a shelter dog or cat a blanket, bed or toy. We just love any company charitable enough to give back. That being said, they had a card in the box with Animal Rescue Spotlight of The Month. The month of May it was Second Chance Rescue NYC in Whitestone, NY. Please take a moment to check them out.

They also featured their Pet of the Month from the previous April’s Wet and Wild Adventure box. They advertised by emailing a photo of your pet to them at they will include a FREE item in their next box! I am telling you, these people love to give goodies to your pet! The last little goody they included was a $35 Off coupons for if you pet parents are interested in ordering online and having your raw meal delivered for an easy cook at home meal! I thought it was a cute touch of course to add to the pet parents value of this box.


Doggie Beds: $25 Average Bed Cost(Free With Code)

Treats & Toys: $25

Puppy Pampering: $8-$10

Cutest Alligator Pot Holder Ever: $5-$7

(Additional Benefits: Helping a Shelter Dog = Priceless)

Total Amount: $38-$41 Worth of Goodies + Dog Bed = $63-$68

If you’d simply like to try Pet Treater you can do for $34.99 and subscribe when you are ready. You are already saving a few bucks this way!  If you want to save even more  you can use LOVE-PT5 to take $5.00 off your box. (This cannot be combined with the Free Bed coupon listed above.)

If you sign up for any of their monthly plans you’ll spend between $24.99 and $19.99 a month for your subscription. (Depending on Monthly or 12 Month plan.) There is an absolute value to this box that you can’t compare going to the store on your own. The theme is adorable and overall we really enjoyed it.

Thank you Pet Treater for letting us give your box TWO PAWS UP from Pippin Tails!



10 thoughts on “Pet Treater May Box: An Unboxing of Subscription Boxes

  1. This looks so exciting! My friend is subscribe to this she gets a brown box every month I just don’t know if the one on your article and my friend’s are the same. Would probably try this ASAP! 🙂

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