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Product Review: Feisty Tails Doggie Treats




Let’s get FEISTY! We had the pleasure of trying some PAWSOME treats today! Feisty Tails Dog Treats were AMAZING! (Warning: You may see a lot of capitalization in this post. That’s because this post is about such an awesome product!)

Let’s start Feisty Tail’s tale; For starters, Fiesty Tails Inc was born in a kitchen in with the heart of a dog lover. Fiesty Tails is named after a Boston Terrier named Polly who passed away in 2014. Her spirit lives on by giving these special and healthy treats to your pup! Whether it is a special occasion, or you simply want to feed the absolute BEST to your dog, these treats are all made to order! That means they are always fresh and always amazing for your pup! They are made to be a healthy, safely made and tasty treat for your fur babies and we are so honored to be able to share them with you on Pippin Tails. (Want to know how they are made? Check out Feisty Tails’s awesome ingredients page to be wowed!)

Feisty Tails treats does not contain any preservatives, or chemicals, and uses the healthiest, freshest ingredients.  We use human grade food and all the ingredients used has been researched. – Feisty Tails

So let’s dive in! Can we talk cute first?! These packages came in looking like we had just won a prize! (SPECIAL ALERT: YOU CAN WIN ONE OF THESE BOXES! WAIT TILL THE END TO FIND OUT HOW!) But seriously, how cute is this packaging!

You don’t just get delicious and healthy when you get Feisty Tails. You also get pristine and too cute packaging!

This is what I would order and send to a friend, or someone who has a new puppy in their home. This is truly a gift to get and a gift to give! I would recommend these treats for puppy parties, gift giving and anything in between!

Feisty Tails has a variety of flavors and you can find them by looking at their page of SUPER TASTY EXTRA SPECIAL TREATS! (It doesn’t actually say that, but it should!) Our little product taste testers got to try five varieties of Feisty Tails extra yummy treats.

Alright so let’s see what Pippin and Lu Dog thought of these scrumptious and special biscuits! Let the tasting begin! I will give you a hint before we even begin, they loved ALL of these treats. Not liked, LOVED.

Sweet Pawtato Bites: These are the most cleverly named and cutest dog treats! These guys just loved them! I personally loved the colors too!

Carrot Ginger Crunchies: I am not sure how many times you can say the word “cute” before people stop taking you seriously. But, these are so cute! They loved these little carrots and actually took their time and savored these crunchy goodies!

Doggie Breath Busters: These are every pet parent’s favorite treat! These little busters will make Fido be more welcome in your lap for movie time! They wanted these ones very badly too! I will just say my doggy models went a little wild for these ones and we were lucky to even get some shots!

Pumpkin Paws: Again, cute. I really can’t say it enough. These are big and thin cookies that Pippin and Lu Dog just loved! They always seem to sense out the pumpkin flavoring and it’s a big hit around here! What I loved was just the right amount of icing on these big ole treats!

Itty Bitty Banana Bones: Ah. Adorable. There, I switched the wording! These make me think of banana splits in the summer time! These little guys were a big hit too! In fact, we had a little rush to eat these as our taste tester’s little noses got the best of them!


We got FEISTY today with our Feisty Tails treats! These were probably some of the best made biscuits I have seen as a pet parent. These were truly what I would call gourmet biscuits! This product scored on all levels! The packaging was perfect, festive and fun. The names of each product were carefully thought out and made me intrigued to try them all. They were so pretty and well made it had me wondering if I could try them! The dogs loved them and didn’t just gobble these treats up but savored their flavor. Additionally, they are made with the best ingredients and you can tell the most important part the moment you open a bag; MADE WITH LOVE.

We at Pippin Tails are going to not only give Feisty Tails TWO PAWS UP but these are getting TWO THUMBS UP from this Dog Mom too. It is our personal pleasure to share these treats with you and we hope that you get a bag too. Don’t forget to checkout Feisty Tails online right now! Pick your favorite treat and order them for your pet!


YOU AND YOUR PUP CAN WIN THESE TREATS! That’s right everyone! Thanks to Feisty Tails we have a box to giveaway right now! We are so pleased to be able to bring Feisty Tales to you! Check out our giveaway on Instagram right now! 

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