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Product Review: Grandma Lucy’s Treats & Meals

Dog parents are always looking for healthy ways to treat their pets to the very best! Whether it is the best food or the best treats, dog parents are always on the lookout for what will work for Fido. We have a unique product to share on Pippin Tails today!

Grandma Lucy’s has made a name for themselves by making all organic treats and dehydrated one ingredient treats. They are family owned and have been since 1999. It’s their goal to bring you the absolute best to your pets!

To top it all off, they even have dehydrated dog food! That’s right folks, dehydrated dog food! Grandma Lucy’s brand is truly unique and provides pet owners of both dogs and cats with a great alternative for feeding our fur babies whether its dinner time or treat time!


Let’s talk about what Grandma Lucy’s has to offer you and your pet. Let’s start with treats! Grandma Lucy’s has many options for how to treat your pet but their two big lines of treats are their Freeze Dried Treats and their Organic Oven Baked Treats! Both options are healthy and beyond tasty! (So says our taste testers that couldn’t get enough of these yummy goodies!)

The Organic Oven Baked Treats that we tried here at Pippin Tails were the Apple and Pumpkin flavor. These are made with human quality ingredients and are USDA Organic.

On top of being undeniably healthy, the pups just LOVED them! Oh, not to mention they are shaped like little teddy bears! So beware; these are good enough for you to eat AND if left in the pantry, it just might happen! Our product testers loved them!

So these teddy bears were a big hit. I will admit, they got more than two a piece! You can see how excited they were to give these a go! As always, our dogs are obsessed with pumpkin. They are so basic! So, they love them both but, the pumpkin was the clear favorite with these two wet nose testers.

Next we got to test these freeze dried yummies! How do you do a post like this without saying wowzers? You don’t. So, wowzers! These were GREAT!

Starting with the basics here is so easy because these are ONE INGREDIENT treats! How easy is that? These are freeze dried, grain free, no by product, GMO Free and made in the USA treats! We tried the chicken and sweet potatoes treats but Grandma Lucy’s has many more options as well! The chicken ones can even be fed to your feline friends if you have a mixed house! That right there was quite unique as I don’t think we have ever had a treat in our house that can be fed to both kitties and puppies alike! Okay, thats all wonderful information and all BUT what did the team think?

It might be hard to tell, but Pippin is barking during this whole shoot! He REALLY wanted these chicken treats! He couldn’t even handle it! These were his absolute favorite treat!

These sweet potatoes freeze dried made Lu Dog SO happy! She was just enthralled and loved these ones the most! Wondering how to tell when a dog likes something? There is a simple math problem we use here at Pippin Tails to determine our product testers feelings; tail wagging + amount of droll x ability to listen/this treat is good I just can’t even listen = product taste tester result.

Grandma Lucy’s really brought her treat game on strong! Both dogs loved these treats and we as pet parents loved that they were healthy! They got a few more treats than usual BUT we didn’t even feel guilty about it with these healthy options!


So the treats were AMAZING but that wasn’t all the wonderful options that Grandma Lucy’s had to offer! Grandma Lucy’s has three lines of dehydrated dog foods. These consist of  Valor Freeze Dried Dog Food, Pureformance Freeze Dried Dog Food and Artisan Recipe Freeze Dried Dog Food. Just like their treats, these foods are made to be the very best and made the California way here in the USA!

The Valor dog food will be making a special Instagram appearance on Pippin Tails when we take the dogs out for dinner to showcase how these dinners can be a GREAT way to take food to go for Fido. (Make sure to follow us to see how great the Valor Freeze Dried Food is!) Valor is made with quinoa which if anyone is health nut, or not, you will know this is a superfood! You can get Valor in chicken, turkey and fish depending on your pup’s favorite type!  What a great way to give your pet the best!

Pureformance is made with chickpeas, fruits and veggies and you can choose between; chicken, rabbit, goat, lamb, pre-mix and fish.   Artisan Recipe is the Grandma Lucy’s staple and is made grain free for your favorite pup! Artisan comes in chicken, lamb, pork, bison and venison and the pre-mix! Before we get into the taste test, I want to highlight what “pre-mix” is for everyone.


Pre-mix is a GREAT food for those who feed raw food or who’s dog has been mandated by the vet to eat certain kinds of meat. Pre-Mix is what you can add any meat to and still provide your dog with substances that they need to be healthy. Check out pre-mix if you feed a raw diet or if you’d like to change up the meat in your dogs meal!

We gave these three flavors a try to show off how these foods go from bag to dinner! It’s super simple and easy to make these dinners!  Ready, set, GO!

Here is all of the food simply poured out into the bowls. Now, all we have to do is an an equal amount of warm water, stir and let sit for 3-5 minutes. Let me tell you that our taste testers are not the most patient but they thought these dinners were really worth the wait!


Literally, like magic, we have dinner!

This food was so good it had to be served on a spoon! Our little taste testers loved each and every one of these flavors!

The Bison was SUPER YUMMY! 

The Fish was DELISH!

The Lamb was AMAZING! 

The good news? We will have a contest and these three dinners will be given away to three lucky winners as well as two other special prizes! Make sure to stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter for more information on how YOU can win these dinners and special prizes!

Grandma Lucy’s is truly a unique and great product! It was a pleasure to give them a review and really opened our eyes up to a different way to feed our dogs! We loved Grandma Lucy’s and we know what all the raving is about now! We want you to check them out too and show your pup the Grandma Lucy way! Find a store near you that carries Grandma Lucy’s dog treats or food and let us know what you think!





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