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PupJoy: An Unboxing of Subscription Boxes

As pet parents our ultimate joy is seeing our pets feel joy! That’s what PupJoy is all about!

For starters, it’s all about the box! But really, it is. So what I loved about receiving this PupJoy box was that it fit right in my mailbox! That seems like a small feature, but it’s nice to know rain or shine that my pups box will be safe and dry waiting for us to get home and open our surprises!

This fit perfectly in my mailbox! We aren’t on the fence about that!

What was in this perfectly sized box brought our pups such great fun! I truly have to say it was a JOY to unbox this PupJoy box.  Our unboxing professionals, Pippin and Lu Dog, were worn out by the end of this box and they still have toys to play with!

We personally don’t have any allergies in our home but if you do PupJoy can accommodate any needs for your fur baby! Because PupJoy is personalized, all natural and artisan they can meet some unique needs that other boxes don’t offer!  They offer options for organic, grain and protein sensitive needs by offering grain, beef, chicken and dairy free treats for your sensitive pup! They are the only box that can offer all these sensitive needs!

Alright, let’s unbox this May subscription box! 


We got some super great goodies from PupJoy! Firstly, we got the PowerBark Bar “Meal On The Run For The Dog On The Go”. This is a GREAT idea and we want to do this first item justice!  Talk about a unique product! This is why PupJoy is special! They provide truly unique products we would have never heard of without them!


We will be taking this 100% complete and balanced adult dog food bar out on the town this weekend! As you can see the PowerBark Bar is made in the USA just like all of the treats and food from PupJoy! For a specialized review on this product stay tuned to us on Instagram and Twitter!


The first savory items that our taste testers got to get their tongues around was Big Daddy Biscuits Grain Free Peanut Butter Treats! These were some super yummy Farm-To-Table dog biscuits made our pups super excited. As a pet parent I felt excited to feed my pups something I would feed myself! I always appreciate products that treat our pets just like family. So what did our professionals think?

They thought these biscuits were just scrumptious! So you might be wondering, why that shape? What is the reason for this? Well, PupJoy knew the answer to that question right away! They sent the PERFECT addition to these treats!


We have the Spunky Pup Large “The Hydrant” Super Tough Treat and Peanut Butter Toy! It was obvious that we were going to stuff with Grain Free Peanut Butter Treats by Big Daddy Biscuits in this bad boy and have some fun! I loved that PupJoy thought about this when they made this artisan box. They not only provided a yummy treat, but a fun and mentally stimulating way for dogs to get this treat! This toy truly is tough too! I am 100% confident that it is a safe product that I allowed by dogs to use. Of course, you should never leave your pups unattended with any toys, but this toy was truly super tough. Okay, so let’s see how this toy went over with the testers.

But first…


Alright, now we are ready to test this toy!



Pippin chased this little fire hydrant left, right and all over the living room. Which also means that I was army crawling with a camera left, right and all over the living room! But as you can see, where was Lu Dog in all this excitement? Well, Lu Dog has been around a while and thought she would outsmart her puppy counterpart!


Lu Dog laid right in her bed and waited for Pippin to bring the toy dispensing dream toy to her. Of course, not that it was caught on camera (because that would be a perfect world) but right as he got to her, she snagged up all the biscuits she could reach from her bedside! That’s a smart dog! Needless to say, one way or another, these pups enjoyed these treats, and their Spunky Puppy Hydrant counterpart! Thank you to PupJoy for really putting our pets in mind when creating this box!

But wait! We aren’t done yet! Of course not! We were just warming up! Pippin and Lu Dog got some treats in them and were ready for more! So, PupJoy obliged with even more fun in a box!

Meet Zippy Paw’s “Warriorz”! This guy was a BIG HIT! Let’s just take a moment to appreciate how adorable he is! Like what?! I just thought he was too cute to be a toy but well, the dogs thought he was made just right! If you want to see some adorable play time videos with this Warriorz check out our Instagram!

As a doggie parent I can truly say that I loved this little guy! (And it wasn’t just because he was cute!) Zippy Paw’s “Warriorz” has a Z stitching, which I highlight in the reverse picture. In short, that means a tougher toy for rougher play! In our house, that is hard to come by! This toy also had two “large blaster” squeakers. Which again, means tough! That’s what Zippy Paw is about; tough. We love that! For those of you that have seen our “What A Dog House Actually Looks Like” post, you will understand when I say, this toy also has NO STUFFING!

I will absolutely be remembering this brand moving forward for our dogs! Okay, enough about all those lovely human thoughts. Let’s move on to what what the dogs thought. At the end of the day, their opinions are the only ones that matter. (Well, that’s what they think!)


This is the face of a dog ready to play! 

Pippin instantly thought this toy would make the PERFECT fetching toy! And guess what? He was right! The shape of it allowed us to toss it, throw it and even turn it into a frisbee! Of course Pippin was moving at warp speed but you can see him on Instagram really getting down and dirty with his new favorite toy. Also, you’ll catch a rare glimpse of Lu Dog actually getting excited about a toy too! Now that my dog loving readers is truly the sign of a great toy!

We normally don’t include humans in our reviews but I had to make an exception for this one! Even Dog Dad had to get on the fun!

After we ran and played to our hearts desire the sun began to set. We had to bring our little Warriorz toy inside and take a water break. PupJoy set this box up PERFECTLY! They provided us with a perfect “wind down” toy to end our night.



These Clear Conscience Pet Beef Scrappy Chewz were the perfect way to end all of our excitement for the night and provide our pups with a tasty and satisfying way to relax! Not to mention it gave my arm a break from all the fetching! This is a one ingredient product that is made with roasted beef scapular cartilage. This beef comes from free range/grass fed beef and is also free of grains, glutens, GMO’s and glycerine! We know they are healthy, we know that they are a great way to treat our pets BUT what do the pups think?

Those faces are faces of pure joy. A statement that PupJoy and Clear ConsciencePet both stand behind! Needless to say these bones brought our pups together in harmony after such a fun night of wrestling and playing thanks to PupJoy!


After diving into PupJoy I can truly say that they are a unique box! They work directly with small, artisan manufacturers and curate from the top companies in the industry. This allows them to introduce us, the pet parents, to new and high quality brands and products. I truly felt like I got some new products that I will now be adding to our household favorites!

In addition, they provide all natural, clearly labeled treats that are made in the U.S. Additionally, you will always receive a full sized package! PupJoy never provides sample sized packages from their manufacturers. As a socially conscious company, PupJoy supports small U.S. businesses and helps by giving back to charitable programs within both animal rescue and breast cancer. So by using PupJoy, you are giving back to our human and pet counterparts!

Another unique feature that PupJoy has to offer is that you can customize their subscription offers to monthly, bi-monthly and even quarterly delivery options! You have the option to skip renewals, edit or cancel your subscription at any time and with out penalty if you need to take a break from boxes too! PupJoy also offers 100% satisfaction guarantee to both pets and their parents!

Let’s talk value! 

Monthly prices range from $23-$44 for subscriptions. I can tell you right now that the quality of these products and the uniqueness of this box is worth every penny! Not to mention, those pennies are going right back into our own economy! Now that is smart pet parenting!  We hope that you take the time to give this great box a try! We would love for it to end up in your mailbox AND in your home!


These are some happy “post-PupJoy” unboxing pets!






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