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Just For Fun: Sleepy Dog & BedDog 

In today’s society we all are left wanting more of one thing: sleep.

Whether it’s the infant baby screaming of colic, the kindergartener starting school and having to wake up early, the middle schooler who has end of grade testing, the high schooler who is arriving at school at 6:30AM, the college student who is struggling to balance classes, the new guy at the office who just started his first entry level position, the middle class manager who’s kids just don’t let him sleep at night, the CEO who is so overwhelmed by the job that they get home late and get up far too early or even the retired who’s bones ache a little too much and they feel they need that little extra.

No matter what stage of life, we all always feel we need more sleep. I’ve always been told, “the one thing you can’t catch up on, is sleep”. It seems to be the defining factor of our culture. It makes sense, after all, we are a culture used to waking up to alarms and structuring our lives by that sound.

Needless to say, I’m always jealous of my dogs. They get to lounge, sleep and be cozy everyday! But, what is th actual difference in how dogs and humans sleep? Let’s start with us, the humans.


Over our life times as humans we get to a stage of the generally accepted 8 hours of sleep rule. As you can se that really starts to hit us humans as we enter our teenage years. Of course, this is also that stage that we start to understand the reality of the world, have hearts broken, develop far too serious emotions and ultimately know everything about the whole world. So, it’s great time to start learning how to adult right?

But, what about mans best friend? Personally, I joke and say my dogs sleep the whole day away if I allow them. In fact, dogs sleep at least half the day away!  Our sleepy dogs will sleep an average of 12-14 hours a day!

Of course, as you’ll notice, your pup will happily jostle himself out of sleep to follow you into the kitchen and wait for scraps. They’ll also jump right up to bark at their least favorite bird eating out of the feeder in the afternoon. That being said, our dogs don’t get to fully fall into deep sleep as frequently, they spend less time in REM sleep and they need those extra hours to be fully rested.

Remember that alarm clock we live by as humans? Dogs don’t do that! They spend 80% of their day sleeping or simply resting! I suppose they are getting ready for all that playtime! Here’s a great infogram that’s a quick layout to all things you need to know about your sleepy dog!


As you know a Pippin Tails we try and provide fun days in the sun to excercise our dogs and stimulating toys to keep the little puppy brains occupied and learning. We don’t need to mention the extra treats right?

But, we are talking about the sleepy dog! What does a sleepy dog need? The perfect bed!

We recently received a bed from the BedDog company and since we are talking about sleepy dogs I want to highlight this amazing bed!

If your pup is one of the 55% of pups that doesn’t hog the mattress, they need their own space. Even if they do sleep in the bed, chances are they need somewhere cozy to curl up inside our outside while enjoy life with you!

So why BedDog? There’s quite a few reasons but for starters – there is a 2 year warranty no questions asked! Puppy owners out their rejoice! Admittedly, this bed came with the cutest pillows and the first thing Pippin did was grab one and run! Now he knows they go with the bed but even his sharp teeth didn’t damage this tough and durable bed! But, if something does happen in the first two years BedDog has you covered no matter which great bed you and your pup want to get those 12-14 hours of sleep on!

It’s tough, easy to clean and comes in so many shapes, sizes and colors! As you can see, I’m sure there’s the perfect bed for your pup!  We have the SABA 4 in 1 bed here at Pippin Tails.

This bed is also waterproof and easy to clean. That’s a huge plus around this house where muddy paws make a frequent appearance. What I loved about this bed is even though it is so tough in so many ways it doesn’t flatten when laid on and it’s fully filled with everything your dog needs to stay cozy while we pet parents feel good about our newest purchase!
Need a little extra nudge at feeling extra good about this purchase? It’s cruelty free! There’s no wool, fleece or feathers in these beds so you and your pups are supporting a cruelty free product while getting those much needed ZzZz’s. This bed might be cozy enough you get caught snuggling with your pup in it too!

Want to pick a BedDog bed just for you? Check them out now! There’s free shipping on all orders, multiple sizes and you’ll be able to trust in the tough! You’ll also be able to pick from so many colors!


Until then though, it’s time for Lu Dog, who is more of an 18 hour a day kind of dog, to get her sleep in her new bed!

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