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Pooch Perks: An Unboxing of Subscription Boxes

We can’t believe it’s actually already JUNE! Where has 2016 gone? Well, Pooch Perks dog subscription box could not have made entering into June and summertime any better than they already have! This box was PAWSOME and we can’t wait to show you why!

The theme for Pooch Perks wonderful subscription box was an undersea adventure in celebration of Disney’s Finding Dory that releases in theaters on June 17th! Now that is something for us humans to be excited for too! They made the absolutely perfect box to celebrate summertime and this upcoming movie. I was more excited to open this box then the pups were I think once I found out the theme of the month for June 2016.

We unboxed the medium/large dog Pampered Pooch Box from Pooch Perks. What does that mean? Well, you can choose your pups box type and that ranges from Penny Pincher Pooch Package to the Popular Pooch Upgrade and then to the Pampered Pooch Upgrade. Each time you upgrade your box, your savings increase. In fact, one of the things that I as the pet parent LOVED about Pooch Perks box was it included a little guide for what was in each box, details on the product and furthermore let you know the total box value and your total savings on your box! For instance, our Pampered Pooch Box had a total savings of $19 and we got SO MUCH! Okay, so what did we get in our personally boxed Pooch Perks box?!



Let’s start with Aromadog‘s Derma Pooch Spa Therapy soap! This soap made the whole box smell amazing! In fact, as I am writing this I can still smell it and it makes it smell like a spa in here! This soap is formulated with essential oils and ingredients to alleviate itchy, flaky and dry fur. So go ahead, take Fido to the beach just bring this soap with you! I can’t wait to give this a try since it should be a lot easier to use a bar of soap and just scrub away then liquid soap. For once, I am looking forward to bath time!


The next thing that we had to dive right into was our treats! So, as we all know our taste testers are very very happy when they get to try some super yummy and unique biscuits. These are not your milkbone pups. These are some true critics! In this box we got to try three tasty and sea themed delights! Of course we love the theme transcended even into the treats!

We started with The Real Meat Company‘s Beach Bums treats! Why beach bums? Well they are turkey, pineapple and coconut flavored! Perfect for summertime and the beach!  These are all natural treats that are made in the USA. Also, they are super cute little beach person shaped!


Once we got this bag open, the droll just started flowing.  Once they tasted them, they just loved them!

So those little grilled guys were super good! 

Next up on the list we tried some Yummy Chummies Salmon Savory Strips! These salmon strips are grain and gluten free for those sensitive tummies! They are also made in the USA and these are a true attention getter! The primary ingredient is Wild Alaskan Salmon and is enhanced with Omgea-3 and 6 fatty acids from Salmon oil to make them extra good for your pup!

They loved these yummy salmon goodies!

Next up was one of our favorite brands, Grandma Lucy’s White Fish Freeze Dried treats! These grain free, no preservatives and all natural treats are made in the USA and come with the Grandma Lucy’s delightful crunch that our dogs love! You can see these treats are cut straight from the fish! Our pups LOVED these ones so much!


Our taste testers crunched down these treats with smiles! 

So after we had some super delicious, all made in the USA (thanks to Pooch Perks) treats we were ready to dive into our toys! Now all of our toys were phenomenal! If you have small dog you would have received a Fetch Pet Products Ocean Buddies squeaker and crinkle toy in your Pampered Pooch Box. I want to highlight before we begin that you can opt for the Patriotic Pooch Package as well with Pooch Perks which means all your toys would come from the USA. If you had that upgrade you would have received a CycleDog Fuzzies turtle that is handsewn in the USA and recycled as well as a Ruff Dawg Fish that is durable, rugged and made in the USA as well as all the treats included in the popular pooch box. But, they would have missed out on the Grandma Lucy’s freeze dried White Fish. Okay, so the toys! What did we get?



We got three plush toys! We got a KONG Cute Seas Fish that has a crinkle tail and crinkle sound and a squeaker! This little guy is the first one on the left! Isn’t he cute? Next up is our super cute Pet Lou Sea Turtle! I wanted to keep him for myself! He has a little squeaky and is made for fun! Lastly we have a floatable Petrageous Nemo toy! That’s right, Nemo himself made an appearance in our box! He has a squeaker but can also float if your pup likes to play in the water! So, what did the pups think of their new toys?

Note: Lu Dog took the turtle and hid it! I think that one is hers! They bother loved the Kong but Pippin’s favorite toy was absolutely Nemo! 


These pups had SUCH a great time with their new toys! These are going to keep them busy for the whole summer! (Okay, maybe not but you get it!)

This box was fantastic and the theme was very well thought out. We loved being able to unbox this fantastic month of June box from Pooch Perks! We love the options that they allow their customers to pick from and the fact they advertise the value of each box. It really lets you know that you’re getting something truly great each month for your pup.

This box truly made our pups day a little more perky! We would love for you your pup to get your hands on this premium box too! To pamper your pooch, go to Pooch Perks right now and get your hands on this June box before it’s gone!

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