Product Review: Skips For Dogs

We at Pippin Tails love our toys but we also love our dogs. It’s hard as a pet parent to know there are pups out there that don’t have families. In fact, it’s heart wrenching. There are time I look at my mutts soundly sleeping in the bed, or playing fetch in the yard that I wish I could bring every dog home to enjoy this life. It’s not the fault of the dogs that they end up in shelters. We can point fingers and lay blame but truly at the end of the day it comes down to just one thing: HOW CAN I HELP?

Well, we would like to present to you Skips For Dogs! Skips For Dogs was co-founded by a husband and wife after their brought their own adopted fur child into their lives. After adopting their dog, Molly, they realized that so many other dogs were still in shelters waiting to find their very own forever homes. They decided to step in for those dogs and make their wait more enjoyable.

This is how Skips For Dogs started: Two people, one dog and a dream. This newly founded family set out on a mission. After talking to various rescues they noted that they always accepted toy donations for their dogs. Toys allow dogs to play, be more active and therefore lead to more adoptable dogs. A lightbulb sparked and Skips For Dogs would be born in Philadelphia!

So what do they do? Skips For Dogs created toys for dogs that pet parents can buy and for each dog toy purchased, a dog toy is given to a dog looking for a home! Alright dog lovers, you can’t beat that! Buy your favorite pup a toy, and a pup in need gets a toy too! Can we get TWO PAWS UP for Skips For Dogs?

We at Pippin Tails had the pleasure of trying their first two toys The Chewer and The Tugger. With their first production Skips For Dogs wanted to stick to the toys they know dogs love! An all natural rubber bone in bright green and a hemp rope toys made of all natural fibers. Not only are they adorable, but all natural and when your dogs loves its new Skips For Dogs  toy, another dog will be enjoying a toy too!  Now, what did the pups think?

This green rubber bone was too much fun! After this picture Pippin ran off with this bone and started throwing it around! It isn’t too soft or too hard. It bounces off the hardwoods too! (Which Pippin thinks is just the greatest!) 

Lu Dog loves rope bones so we let her review this one! We liked that this one has a nice texture and a soft rope feel. That means we can play tug with it too! 

These toys are good quality and they are for a good cause. We hope that everyone takes the opportunity to get their pup a Skips For Dog toy to help another pup in need! Right now Skips For Dogs is working with Love A Canine Rescue, Main Line Animal Rescue, Almost Home Dog Rescue and Finding Shelter Animal Rescue.

They would love to work with more rescues and are looking for more organizations to partner with! So, HOW CAN YOU HELP? Buy your pup a toy today!  Go now to Skips For Dogs to shop and get your pup a Chewer, Tugger or the *NEW* Catcher balls! There’s no better way to make your pup happy and help a shelter dog! We would love to see Skips For Dogs grow and their ability to make difference grow with them!

Here’s to Skips For Dogs and what they do! You get TWO PAWS UP from us here at Pippin Tails! 




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