Product Review: Chance’s Cookies

Here at Pippin Tails we love one thing more than anything else. TREATS! Okay, well we like toys, playing outside, going on walks and eating the furniture. But, we love treats too!

We have the pleasure of bringing Chance’s Cookies to Pippin Tails for a test trial and these biscuits are PAWSOME! So, what is Chance’s Cookies? Chance’s Cookies are gluten and grain free yummy, chewy, delicious biscuits that come in a variety of sizes for your pup to enjoy! They are made with banana, peanut butter, honey, buckwheat flour and cinnamon!

Oh yeah, we also like bones. Lots and lots of bones..

I will tell you right now, when you get one of these packages of treats you’ll want to eat them too! They smell SO delicious! These peanut butter banana cookies are inspired by Chance himself! Want to meet Chance? Follow him on his Instagram now! You can also check his Facebook and Twitter for more Chance’s Cookies updates. (Or as we like to call them, PUPdates!)

Well, let’s dive in! First we mix and matched our treats to try our medium bone, heart cookies, doggie paw and fire hydrant treats!


Obviously these treats tasted as great as they looked! The pups loved that they were chewy and soft! We then split the large bone for some extra yummy fun for being such good dog models and taste testers! Yes, they got treated for being treated. That’s the way Pippin Tails works around here.


So, what did we love? Well these treats are GREAT for dogs with allergies. With their 5 ingredient list and glutens and grain free qualities most pups will be able to eat these biscuits! We also loved the variety of sizes that these treats offered! These biscuits were truly a delight and we would love for you to try them too!

So there are two ways you can get your hands on some Chance’s Cookies treats!

  1. You can email and place an order to be mailed right to your pup!
  2. You can WIN Chance’s Cookies on Instagram! That’s right! This contest will be running until June 19th, 2016! Make sure to check us out now by clicking the picture to take you directly to Pippin Tails Instagram for your chance to win Chance’s Cookies! 






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