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As a pet parent, we want to supply our pets with toys, treats and more! But, as we know all too well, that can get expensive! Pet Treater is here to help pet parents provide their favorite pups with toys, treats and pet goodies with the ease of being delivered to your doorstep! Better yet, it will even save you money! That is a pet parent win and that is why Pet Treater is one of our favorite boxes at Pippin Tails!

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We will be reviewing our June Pet Treater box in this post! If you’re interested in seeing the May Pet Treater box check out our previous post! Okay, so for starters, we get the “big dog” box. You can choose your pets size for either small, medium or large with Pet Treater so that your box is customized for your dog!


So notice this is addressed to Layla. Did you know Lu Dog’s real name is Layla? She got nicknamed Lu Dog as a pup and it just stuck but theres a fun fact of the day for you! Clearly, we got some goodies that we can’t wait to share with you! This box was a great mix of “for the pup” and “for the human”. Sometimes it is nice to get stuff for us too!


Pet Treater always sends a great mix of doggie toys, treats and in this box we have what I would like to call “Pet Parent Goodies”. Not to mention, they always have a “Pet Treater For Your Human” gift too! This box sure does know how to make the human feel just as great as their pet when this box arrives!

Pet Parent Goodies Category:

So, let’s start with the Cobble Creek car seat cover. I will tell you a few reason why I loved that they sent this in this months box. For starters, I have leather seats. Not just any leather seats, black leather seats. I know from experience that sitting on hot seats right when you get into the car is downright AWFUL! This will be great to keep the seat a little cooler and making the dogs a little more comfortable!


Not to mention, muddy paws are no fun BUT summertime spent in the water is SO much fun! This will be used in the Pippin Tails house time and time again! There is always a cool and useful surprise when you get a Pet Treater box! In fact, if you include the code PT-BED in your first order, you will get a dog bed in your first box! (See our review on May’s Pet Treater box to see our dog bed!)

Next up in this category was this absorbent (and adorably cute) Dogs Unleashed pet bowl mat. This is GREAT for those messy summer days too! I feel like Pet Treater is really trying to help us keep this summer neat and tidy with our pups!



When our dogs come in from a game of fetch, or playing in the yard they come in with those super long tongues. Now, those tongues make for great #tongueouttuesday pictures, but they also make for big ole messy drinkers! So, this mat will be AWESOME to keep our floors dry and clean while also letting the dogs lap up all that needed water! So let those summer tongues down my pup friends!

Now our Pippin’s bowls are just too cute! 

Pet Treats Category: 

Pet Treater always provides great treats for your pup! Even better than great, because you can save money while still getting their favorite treats from the store! Oh yeah, and that whole delivered to your door thing is pretty great too! This month we received two super yummy treats. One was crunchy and tough and one was fluffy and soft! I loved the combination of these treats!

We will start with our tough and crunchy treats first because these were a big hit! We got the Red Barn Naturals  Sweet Potato Fries treats!


These vegetarian treats are like little crunchy chews! This means they are good for cleaning teeth and gums while providing a healthy treat with vitamins and nutrients too! We love single ingredient treats as they allow dogs with allergies to be able to enjoy treats too! Okay, so these treats are healthy, tasty and great for all dogs. But, it’s time for the taste testers to weigh in!

I think it is clear to see in those puppy dog eyes that they really wanted these treats! They both took them and ran into their “chew spots” to eat them! I think it is safe to say that these will be a favorite in the Pippin Tails house for awhile!

Next up was our soft and fluffy treats! We received Wholelife Tail Mix (which is a pawsome pun on trail mix) Carrot and Apples Treats. These treats are made in Massachusetts, USA. They are verified safe and nothing artificial are in these yummy little treats!


These treats are a part of their Healthy Skin and Coat line of functional treats. These treats have just a few simple ingredients: chicken, potatoes, water, apples, carrots, flax seed and sea salt. These treats are also gluten and grain free making them safe for most pets and still more allergy friendly then most treats on the shelves!

 Let’s see what our specialist think about these soft and fluffy treats! 

Clearly these fluffy little cookie treats were extra yummy! They couldn’t wait for these biscuits. I won’t even pretend that I haven’t given them a few more of these while writing this review. We know they are professional taste testers and doggie models but a few extra of these light and fluffy biscuits won’t hurt!

Toys Category: 

This is probably Pippin’s favorite part of unboxing. He LOVES the treats and he is always so excited to do treat reviews but it is even more rare to get toy deliveries! We got two toys in this box and this box seemed to be sticking to the “summertime” trend by providing outside toys (no fluff) that could be played with in the water and in the yard. This is a great touch for the summer days spent outside!

We received a Petstages rugged rope toy that was just as fun to play with as it was colorful!


I think both dogs loved this toy! 

Pippin couldn’t even wait to get his little (not so little actually) teeth on this toy! In typical sibling fashion, both dogs had to have the toy at the same time! I think this toy will make a great addition to our pool time toys while still allowing the dogs a tugging toy!

The next toy was probably the box winner! We got a Zanies Flex A Flyer!


Since this was such a favorite, I will let our professionals take it from here. 

Get ready, get set and GO! 

Want to see more? Check out our video on Instagram now!

So we had so much fun with our doggie goodies, treats and toys! But we can’t forget the just for humans goody too!

Just a little bit of fun for us humans too!

This box has provided us with some great summer necessities for us and our pups! It’s a great way to kick off the first day of summer with all of these wonderful items from Pet Treater. Another tid bit that we want you to know is that with purchase of Pet Treater that you have helped give a shelter dog or cat a blanket, bed or toy. We love that this box give something back and we are pleased to be a support of Pet Treater!

Now, let’s talk about the value of Pet Treater! We know they bring the pet store to your door! This breakdown will show you just how much of a value this June Pet Treater box was and why YOU need to sign up for a subscription box now!


Treats & Toys: $40-$42

Pet Parent Goodies: $15-$17

Talking Mustache Key Chain: $3-$5

(Additional Benefits: Helping a Shelter Dog = Priceless)

Total Amount: $58-$64 Worth of Goodies 

If you’d simply like to try Pet Treater you can do for $34.99 and subscribe when you are ready. You are already saving a few bucks this way!  If you want to save even more  you can use LOVE-PT5 to take $5.00 off your box. (This cannot be combined with the Free Bed coupon listed above.)

If you sign up for any of their monthly plans you’ll spend between $24.99 and $19.99 a month for your subscription. (Depending on Monthly or 12 Month plan.) There is an absolute value to this box that you can’t compare going to the store on your own.

Thank you Pet Treater for letting us give your box TWO PAWS UP from Pippin Tails!



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