The Elderly Dog and Joint Health: Cosequin DS

It’s hard watching your spunky puppy turn into an adult dog and it’s even harder to see your adult dog turn into a senior dog. Senior dogs need more care, more vet visits and some extra attention just like we do! As we age it’s important to take care of all our aging parts of our body, and the same goes for our dogs.

As a part of the #ChewyInfluencer program we selected to review Cosequin DS dog treats in an effort to bring attention to our senior dogs and a product that can really help! Now, Cosequin DS isn’t just for senior dogs and in fact – feeding it throughout life would probably be a great idea! BUT, we are feeding Lu dog these chews as she is now 7 years old and considered a senior dog.

So what is Cosequin DS? They are specialized treats to help your dog with joint health.

Cosequin plays an important role in maintaining optimal joint function. Healthy articular (joint) cartilage is crucial to joint utility. Cosequin helps support cartilage production and protect existing cartilage from breakdown. Cosequin is the only glucosamine sulfate supplement that has been shown safe, effective, and bioavailable in peer-reviewed, published, controlled, U.S. veterinary studies.

At our last vet visit we were given the A-OKAY on her joint health. Though, that is due to probably having great care throughout her life. The reality is, she is gaining weight and becoming a senior dog so that diagnosis could change in the future. (We have switched her to a diet dog food, but life as a treat reviewer is hard!) Pippin is only 1 years old but both his breeds are predisposition to knee issues so we hope this will help him as well.

For starters, Lu Dog’s weight class required 3 treats a day and Pippin’s weight class required 2 treats a day. So we followed the directions and go prepared for our treat tasting pups to give their review.



Alright, so we have our treats and we are ready to go! Let’s see what the product testers thought of these vet approved, joint protecting chewy little treats!

Lu dog loved her treats! She even made funny tongue faces between her treats! She ate all three treats! 

So Pippin may have a been a little wet and messy from his pool time splashes BUT he loved his two chewy biscuits! 

If your dog has a predisposition to joint issues or is an aging dog, Cosequin DS would be a PAWSOME treat option for your home! You still get to see that wagging tail when it’s treat time BUT you know that your increasing your dogs joint health with each treat! It’s a double win and that means TWO PAWS UP!

Want to get these treats and more great goodies for you pup? Go to Chewy’s website and check out all of their products including Cosequin DS dog treats! We are proud to be a Chewy Influencer and we only choose products that we at Pippin Tails want to tell you about! So you know if it is Pippin Tails approved than it’s something your pup needs to have!


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  1. […] It’s important to make sure that we help our senior pets get the most of their later years. The nutrition be provide them with throughout their lives can enhance and lengthen the years our pups get to be a part of our family. We can also do this by giving them treats like  Cosequin DS. See our post here for that #ChewyInfluencer article The Elderly Dog and Joint Health: Cosequin DS. […]


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