Take Your Dog Outside: Kurgo Products Review

We at Pippin Tails want YOU to take your dog outside! Not just for your dogs health, but for yours too! So many hours of our days are stuck inside, staring at screens (like you’re doing now) and not enough time is spent soaking in the sun! Now before we continue with this article we recommend that you read our previous articles on  A Quick How To Guide On Summer Outtings With Fido and Fun In The Sun With Fido: What Is Summer REALLY Like For Dogs?

We have linked up with Kurgo  to provide you two must have items for a day outside! As you’ve read in our previous articles there is one common trend to all of these articles – water. It is so important to make sure our pups have the right amount of water! But what if you aren’t at a local bar or restaurant with water for your dogs? What if you are hiking and need to pack in the water for you and your pup? Well, Kurgo has just the products you need to solve that problem!

We tested the Mash & Stash Dog Bowl in order to make sure our dogs had water on our hike! This bowl collapses, is dishwasher safe and is made with food grade silicone. You may think that Fido can reach the river and so there is no need to pack in water – but what if you stop somewhere that isn’t accessible for Fido? At least with this bowl, whether you pack in water or not, you can make sure that your pup is hydrated. Also can dual as your food bowl as well!


Pippin packed in everything for him and Lu dog and made sure to share his goodies with her as well! 

So we have this great bowl that Pippin packed in for him and Lu Dog! But, let talk about how Pippin packed in the water and the bowl.

Well we also tested the Baxter Backpack by Kurgo and it was a great pack!

Pippin is proudly showing off his Kurgo Baxter Backpack! 

Get Fido packed up and ready to go with this lightweight, tough, custom-fit Baxter Pack. Great for everyday use or backpacking adventures. Built strong to withstand rugged outdoor conditions, it has 8 different adjustment points to get the proper fit for any dog. It includes a rear-mounted leash hook that works like a harness for pups that need to be on their lead. The ergonomic padded spine support contours to the dog’s back for a comfortable fit and provides weight distribution for the two saddlebags. The pack offers space to store all of your canine’s travel essentials such as food, treats, toys, first-aid supplies and travel bowls. Includes a large handle to help dogs over rock scrambles or extract them from water.

Pippin carried in his snacks, bowl, water, treats and baggies! That’s a true partner in crime! 

We have used a lot of doggie back packs and this was by far the best that I have ever used. This pack was easy to size as was the perfect fit for our Pippin! He was able to carry his snacks, water bowl and water bottles with him on our hike. Not to mention, if we were going on an overnight hike he would have been carrying medical supplies, dinner and more for himself. There is no reason for you to carry all of Fido’s stuff – let Fido join the fun of packing in and packing out too! Check out Kurgo’s blog post on 5 Reasons Your Pup Needs a Dog Backpack and you’ll be sold on buying one of these packs for your pup!

Pippin took a rest in the shade after a good hike! Check out how cozy he is in his pack! 

We at Pippin Tails loved these hiking products from Kurgo and have always loved Kurgo products! We hope that you GO OUTSIDE with your pup! It’s time to disconnect the screen and reconnect with nature with your best friend at your side! 

Kurgo has so many products that can make your adventures outside more fun, and safe, for your dog! Whether you are traveling, playing outside, taking a adventure out in the woods or cruising on the water – Kurgo is there with everything you need!

Check out Kurgo now and let us know your favorite traveling or outdoor activity to do with your pup! 

Kurgo Review


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