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TheDoggieBox: An Unboxing of Subscription Boxes

Your favorite mutts at Pippin Tails have a brand new subscription box to share with you! As you know we have some professional unboxing pups here at Pippin Tails and we only share the best with you! We saw and knew they would be a pawfect partner for Pippin Tails! is A BOX OF 5-7 FULL SIZED DOGGIE TREATS AND TOYS DELIVERED TO YOUR DOORSTEP! It’s that simple!

A few quick facts before we begin:

  1. They never ship the same toy or treat twice within a 12 month period.
  2. All treats are sourced and made in the USA and Canada.
  3. Boxes are shipped approx the 10th of each month BUT if you order a single box for yourself, or as a gift, they will ship within 2 business days!

So let’s talk about this box! 

As you can see it comes wrapped up like a present! I instantly thought how PAWSOME this would be to send as a gift! The hand written note that we received for Pippin & Lu Dog can also be customized if you are sending as a gift! That is the perfect touch to such a nicely wrapped up box!

Before we reveal what Pippin and Lu dog got to play with today, I’d like to reveal that little post card that you see in the last picture!



As you can see, you an use the code PIPPINTAILS during check out to receive 10% off your purchase! We love when our partners give something back to our followers! Oh yeah, did you see the part about giving back to rescue organizations? Check out their WE GIVE BACK page if you support a rescue to partner with!

Let’s dive in!

Not only did we get 7 treats AND toys but we even got some special doggy bags! That is a pet parentwin right there!

So we received a variety of products in our box from a crinkle toy, squeaky ball, treats and chewy bones! This was a great mix and actually really suited both of our product testers. It’s time to turn this blog over to the dogs and let them tell you about this box!

I won’t lie, I was craving chocolate today and seriously contemplated giving these a try! We tried the Paws Barkery’s Carob Fudge Cookies! I will tell you this much, after checking out this barkery it sounds like the best sweet tooth cookies for our pups! If you can’t tell, I think they agreed! These little heart shaped wonders had our pups thinking they were getting the real deal with the safe chocolate alternative cookies!


Next up we tried Himalayan Dog Chew ‘s Yaky Yam Fruity Fruit treats! These treats came dressed up as ying yang signs and that was enough for me to fall in love with them right off the bat! If you haven’t noticed; living with Pippin and Lu dog is the definition of ying and yang.

These treats were a hit and I loved the size! These are the perfect treats to bring as a snack when you go out and they are made with the same ingredients that you expect from Himalayan Dog Chew.

Himalayan Dog Chew Yaky Yam Protection are baked treats made of the same ingredients of Himalayan Dog Chew (made of 100 Yak and Cow milk, salt and lime juice) mixed with sweet potato and other healthy and nourishing ingredients.

There was still one more treat bone to try! We split this Lazy Dog Cookie Company  bone up between Pippin and Lu dog. As you can see, 5% of proceeds from this product will be donated to help organizations that help animals in need! We LOVE that at Pippin Tails!


The dogs loved this cookie just as much as we loved the message behind the cookie! In fact, after their “dog model pictures” these two took off to eat these cookies in their “special place”. (It’s the living room, but they think it is their den.) Lu gobbled hers right up and Pippin savored his cookie! This peanut butter bone was a big hit!

Next up we sampled our bones! Now we got two bones in this box. One bone was by Zukes Z-Bone Clean Apple Crips dental bone. That being said – Lu dog got this bone! She needs a little extra help with the breath sometimes! The other bone was a bacon skin twist bone that Pippin was happy to devour by Smokehouse Pet Products!

Lu dog loved this bone and didn’t even know it was cleaning her teeth! 

Pippin was a little overexcited and slightly blurry as he ran off with his twist! 

After we got all of our treats and bones it was time for some playtime! This is what we love about boxes that mix both toys and treats! Our pups get to have some snacks, chew something fun and then it is play time! That way, by the time I sit down to write this post both the pups are happy and tired! That’s the Pippin Tails way!

We received two toys in this box! One was a Kong Squeaker Tennis Ball and the other was a Multipet Crinkle toy! These two were a blast and because they were so much fun I will admit, we didn’t get the best pictures!

Lu dog has always loved balls and Pippin will take an excuse to shake and play with a good toy! He loves the crinkle toys too so this was a big win! Plus, no fluff for me to clean up when this toy finally meets its maker. So needless to say, this box had a lot to offer with both toy and treats! Oh yeah, and don’t forget these!


 Okay so – what do you need to know if you want a Well it’s super easy! You can get one box for $29.99 or you can start a 3 month or a 6 month package!

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 6.38.30 PM

Also, don’t forget your 10% off code!

This box gets a TWO PAWS UP from the pups at Pippin Tails! Now that we have had our treats, bones and toys – it’s time wrap it up here and do some couch lounging!


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