Just For Fun: The Patriotic Pooch

It’s finally Independence Day! With that comes fireworks, beer and friends and family! We wanted to have just a little fun for the holiday with our pups too! So we took Pippin to get a little spritzed up for the July 4th weekend. The whole procedure took approx 30 minutes and cost $27. A mere price and time to pay for a whole lot of fun to make Pippin the Patriotic Pooch!

We at Pippin Tails want to introduce you to an all new way of enjoying the groomers! We went to PetSmart and had Pippin turned patriotic by Beth Branham, the PetSmart Grooming Saloon Manager in Fuquay-Varina, NC.

Beth did a fantastic job getting Pippin ready for the weekend! We wanted to talk with Beth and find out how you can have more fun at the groomer!

QUESTION: So, we know that we can get our nails trimmed, baths done and even get our furry pooches shaved and more at PetSmart grooming but we didn’t know we could do chalking! Can you tell us what chalking is for those that don’t know?

Beth: Chalking is were we take different colored chalk blocks and rub it in to the coat of your little (or big pooch)


QUESTION:  Everyone is going to want to do two basic things: Is it safe? How long does it last? Can you elaborate on those two questions.

Beth: Chalking is completely safe. All of our “Pet Expression” items are ph balanced and made for your curry friends. How long the chalking will last will depend on your pup. Different types of coats can play a huge role. On average you can expect it to last 5-7 days.


QUESTION:  So now that we know what it is, can you tell us a bit about what you can get “chalked” on your dog? I know there are a few other things that PetSmart Grooming offers that is fun for pets! Can you tell us a few other fun ideas that you can do when you come in for your normal grooming routine?

Beth: Chalking can be done anywhere except the face. We can do as much as the whole tail, ears, feet or if you would like just a touch of color we can do a streak on the ears or tail.

We have a whole line of “Pet Expression” items so that you pooch can properly express themselves. We have awesome doggie tattoos that range from hearts and stars to your favorite MLB or NFL teams. We can do feathers or colored hair extensions, these will last until you decide to take them out. We also offer nail painting for the princess pups.


We want to thank our PetSmart and Beth for taking such good care of Pippin and getting him ready for July 4th weekend! We had such fun and now that we know about this I have a feeling you will be seeing a lot more of us in the future!

Now for the GRAND REVEAL! Here is the final product of Pippin’s Patriotic Pooch day!


All photography credit goes to  Cope Photography.


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