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It is the DOG DAYS OF SUMMER! That’s right! The heat is setting in and humans and dogs alike are trying to find ways to cool down! Pet Treater‘s July 2016 box is PAWSOME for summertime! It has everything you and your pup need to cool down and have fun in the sun!  Check out our Fun In The Sun With Fido: What Is Summer REALLY Like For Dogs? for more summer details from Pippin Tails!

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 12.55.11 PM.png


So let’s get down to it! If you follow Pet Treater you may have found their SPOILERS ALERT  post for this July 2016 box! We advertised on our Facebook to make sure you ordered your box for July! Don’t worry, if you didn’t order July’s box then August is sure to be just as great! In fact, it might be “BEST IN SHOW”! (hint, hint – see the bottom of post for more details on ordering Pet Treater and their next box!)

This “SPOILER ALERT” made us super excited to get this box! It really built up the anticipation and we were drooling over this box! 
Pippin just wants to open this Pet Treater box right now! Note: He is looking a little pink after his lovely 4th of July dye! Want to know what he looked like before? Check out Just For Fun: The Patriotic Pooch

Alright, so what did we get? Well as usual, Pet Treater doesn’t fail to impress by really stocking us full of great goodies! This box retails at over $50 and it sure is worth it! We have the large breed box so we were delivered everything pictured above, but we know it’s not just about knowing what is in a box right? It’s about unboxing it with your favorite pup! That’s what this is really about!

I always love the handwritten letter to Layla (Lu Dog) that comes with each box! You can tell she feels pretty special too with that giant dog smile! 
Look at all these goodies! WOW!

Once we dived into this box we took a look at a few things first! Firstly, we checked out our letter with some great summer tips! Also, Pet Treater includes some great information such as the Pet of the Month (which is you are a Pet Treater subscriber your pup could be the Pet of the Month too!) and they also highlighted their rescue they are working with this month! This month Pet Treater is working with Karma K9 based in Albany, NY(You can read more about it on Pet Treaters post as well!)

Also, Pet Treater is hosting a contest as you can see above! The winner will get a canvas print! We will be entering this contest on our Instagram! Make sure you follow us to see everything we do at Pippin Tails!


Alright, that’s enough human stuff. Let’s turn this over to the pups! 


We started by unboxing all “THINGS THAT GO IN THE FREEZER” the goodies! The first thing we unboxed was this freezable tray from Pet Treater! This is to make some super yummy PUPSICLES! It even gave us a doggie treat idea so we can make these for Pippin and Lu Dog! I can’t wait to see what they think!

Next up, we checked out our new water bowl! The Frosty Bowl is going to be amazing for this summer! We live in NC and it is hot, hot, hot! Not to mention, the humidity! So having this bowl outside for our play times will be a nice and frosty treat! All we have to do is put the insert into the freezer for two hours and fill with water and Pippin and Layla will have chilled water! IMG_5129.JPG



One of my favorite things about Pet Treater is their “Pet Treater for your HUMAN” gift that is in every box. It’s always nice to get something for us humans too! This time it is a cooling cloth that will help us stay outside and play fetch in this heat for longer! Between this and the Frosty Bowl we will be really enjoying the outdoors now!

Also, just for fun, we received a stars bandana! Of course, both our pups had to take a turn wearing it for optimal cuteness!

Lu dog is truly the most angelic and beautiful dog! 
That face! I just can’t get enough of his doggie sarcasm! 

Last up on the “JUST FOR FUN” category is something that will come in handy for these summer shenanigans! When it’s time for the pups to get a bath, we can use this handy dandy sponge right outside with no hassle to get them clean again! It’s nice in the summer to be able to take a bath outside and everyone gets to cool off too!



Pet Treater is known for bringing the store right to your door! They bring great treats right to you for less than retail! We received a Heart Stars and Stripes Cookie that truly sparked some fun! Check out what the pups thought!

I so am not going to share this cookie…
The conversation happening between the two of them is TOO funny! Pippin doesn’t want to share and you can see Lu dog’s annoyance written all over! 

Okay, so these pictures are just for fun! This is what actually happens “behind the scenes” as professional product reviewers and unboxing dog models! This biscuit from Emmy’s Gourmet Canine Creations was called the Three Cheese Pleasers and boy did it please!

Of course, I made them share! 

After we had some super yummy and also patriotic biscuit we tried our bag of treats.

These are Loving Pets Grill-icoious treats! These are gluten free, no by products or preservatives and come in bite size pieces! We tried both the beef and the turkey flavor treats.

Pippin got a little ahead of himself with these treats! I guess they just smelled too good!

Both the beef and the turkey treats were a hit! These little grillers are too cute and make a summer treat that both pups mouths can water over!


The last category here is toys. This month we only received one toy in the Pet Treater box. Hopefully we will have more to come with toys! Either way, this toy was well picked. It was patriotic colored and from the ASPCA which means that 3-7% of the proceeds from this toy goes back to animals in need. We at Pippin Tails love those that give back so we were happy to see this toy in the box.

The dogs enjoyed playing with this toy too! 

Overall this DOG DAYS OF SUMMER box gets TWO PAWS UP from us at Pippin Tails. It had a lot of unique items just for the heat of summer and the theme was perfect with July coming in strong with heat waves! The treats were solid and the pups loved them. Of course, the point in all of this is we had fun!

Another playtime outtake just for fun! Pippin wants to steal the rope toy back! 

There is a lot happening right now with Pet Treater and we are happy to be able to unbox this July 2016 box at Pippin Tails! We hope you loved it and we would love to hear back from you! 


Want to check out more Pippin Tails unboxing of Pet Treater? Check out our Pet Treater May Box: An Unboxing of Subscription Boxes and our PET TREATER JUNE BOX: AN UNBOXING OF SUBSCRIPTION BOXES posts to find out other great boxes that Pet Treater has done!

Want to get in on the next box? Check out the BEST IN SHOW box coming soon in August! You’ll also want to use one of these two coupon codes (codes cannot be used together):

  1. PT-BED for a FREE PET BED with your first box!
  2. LOVE-PTS to take $5 OFF your first box!



Ready to sign up? All you have to do is follow this link to sign up for Pet Treaters AND it will help support Pippin Tails as an affiliate of Pet Treater! Though we are an affiliate, we always give our honest review of all the products in Pet Treater!




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