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PupJoy ALL TREAT BOX: An Unboxing of Subscription Boxes

PupJoy is exactly what it sounds like. Joy in a box for your pup! We have had the pleasure of unboxing PupJoy before and you can see that in PupJoy: An Unboxing of Subscription Boxes. This month we have a special box that only PupJoy can ship to your home.

We reviewed the ALL ORGANIC and TREATS ONLY PupJoy box! The best thing about PupJoy’s treat only box is that they are the only company that offers the treat options of organic, grain and protein sensitive needs. So if your pup is sensitive you know how hard it can be to find those corn/soy/wheat free treats and even harder to find those beef/chicken/dairy free treats! Now, not only is it easy but it’s delivered right to your door! This means that your pup can also have the fun of unboxing it AND you’ll have treats for the whole month!

So let’s dive in! All the treats are made in the US and come from some great companies! We are truly honored to be able to bring these brands to you here on Pippin Tails. We are so thankful for our partnership with PupJoy for bringing only the best treats in our home for our furry product testers. Pippin and Lu dog just LOVED this all treat box! (I mean who wouldn’t love a box of five different kinds of cookies and treats showing up at their door?!)

With so many treats to choose from it was hard to decide where to start! I am pretty sure Pippin made the choice to start with the Pawbaby Biscuits . These treats smelled too good! Pawbaby Biscuits supplied us with Fresh Breath treats in Vanilla Mint. These treats are also grain free if your pup has some sensitivities.  Of course, they were extra adorable in the shape of teddy bears. These treats are made in Tinley Park, IL USA. Our taste testers loved these little teddy bears so much. As you can see by Pippin’s face he was a little upset I was photographing and not treating him!

After we got our vanilla mint treats devoured, we had more treat testing to do! It’s a hard job being a unboxing dog! Next up we tried the Posh Dog Barkery Paw Lickin’ Chicken Treats. YUM! These treats are made in Piano, TX USA. Our taste testers loved these chicken flavored bones! These treats do have wheat and chicken if your dog has allergies BUT if they don’t – we absolutely recommend them! Our pups were super patient and absolutely got a few of these yummies to make up for it!

I am not going to lie, after this PupJoy box review our pups didn’t really eat their dinner! We probably should have made them wait for desert but where is the fun in that! But that’s not all these taste testers reviewed! We then went nose first into our bag of Camberville Dog Treats! We jumped right into the Harvard Square sweet potato and peanut butter squares! We can thank Camberville, MA USA for producing some super goodies! These treats are vegan and wheat, soy and corn free.  So even for the most sensitive of pups, these treats will surely make them smile!


So we got our peanut butter fix in and then it was time to dive into the world of kale! Kale is a great way for dogs and humans a like to get some great vitamins, minerals and pawmazing goodness! We decided to start our kale-venture with our Wet Noses  Crunchy Kale dog treats! These crunchy treats are made in the USA and not to mention it is a HUGE box! We seldom see that from a subscription box company but this was a 14oz box! (In fact, this time our PupJoy box came boxed in another larger box due to how many yummy treats their were! That should tell you that really supply the best!) Wet Noses is free of dairy, corn, wheat and soy. These limited ingredient treats are perfect for a dog with allergies or a sensitive stomach.

You would think the pups would be full? Nope. Never. We got our kale groove on and moved into our next bag of yummy and delicious treats! Our final bag of biscuits that our taste testers got to crunch into was the Bobby and Bambi’s Gourmet Dog Bakery Kale and Apple biscuits. These biscuits are made with fresh mint, gluten free and grain free and are made with 100% people grade ingredients. These yummy bones come from Costa Mesa, CA USA. (At this point even I started to get hungry and these treats were starting to look good! Not to mention with the human grade ingredients and gluten free for this celiac human I was almost sold on trying one!)

PupJoy truly does a TWO PAWS UP job of providing the best artisan and organic treats in this box! We were super impressed as were our two taste testers! All of these treats were stellar and I felt great about feeding them to Pippin and Lu dog. Okay, maybe not in the volume I fed them these treats but dog modeling is a hard life! Want to know the original taste testers? Meet the team behind PupJoy!

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 4.50.25 PM.png
The PupJoy team! We love our PupJoy partners! 

Interested in other PupJoy boxes? They also offer a Toys, Treats and Accessories box (see our review on that box in our previous PupJoy post! If your pup is the kind that just wants Toys and Accessories you can also get a box that is exclusively toy and accessories! In fact, with all the toy boxes you can also customize if your pup would like soft and plushy or durable chewer toys! That’s right! Finally your pup will get a customized box tailored to their specific needs!

If you are thinking about subscribing but aren’t sure if you’d like to do every month PupJoy also offers bimonthly and quarterly subscription plans for your pup. Not to mention it is all risk free and you can skip renewals, edit or cancel subscription any time. Don’t worry, PupJoy is created to only bring JOY not headaches! Go to PupJoy’s subscription sign up page to sign your pup up for their very own box of joy.

Speaking of joy, I wanted to personally share a few wonderful things that PupJoy does! It’s simple. They give back! How? Let me show you.


Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 4.49.07 PM
PupJoy brings joy to animal rescues! 

In fact, follow this link and 50% of your purchase will be donated to Animal League America when you purchase PupJoy for a limited time! Help bring joy to pups across the nation while procuring your pups customized and personalized box of joy to their door!

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 4.49.35 PM
They even bring joy to those battling breast cancer. We love you PupJoy! 

PupJoy has so many wonderful qualities and they are more than just a company and more than just a box. This is why we support PupJoy. We know that this post will help others become a part of something personal, something bigger than just a box.





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