Here we go again! As much as we love Pippin and Lu Dog we have one more vacation planned that these two pooches won’t be able to attend! We are headed to Amelia Island, FL!  We are so appreciate for our dog sitters who have agreed to come back again in such a short period of time to watch our famous and lovely pups!

So, we figured we would give them another letter to help them in their stay! If you haven’t read Dear Dog Sitter you’ll need to read that for the full scoop on what it takes to live in the Pippin Tails home! Well, we have a few changes to the arrangement and wanted to make sure to leave some extra instructions!

Dear Dog Sitter,

You survived round one and we can’t  thank you enough for agreeing to round two!! No but really, thank you! The next vacation the dogs will be coming with us! (And you’ll be there too!)

Some things to know for this visit that we didn’t cover last time. For starters, since your brining the kids this time we are excited for playmates!!

If outside, Pippin LOVES his pool! But of course, in typical Pippin fashion, he only wants fresh cold water. So if you really want to make his day, refill the pool. He also wants you to physically watch him play. So the kids will love that!  They’re welcome to join as well!

There’s tons of treats as usual. We are working on sitting and staying right now. Lately sit just means lay. So that’s cool, but if ya feel like giving the kids a chore…

The basics still apply. Leave it out and Pip will eat it. Bring it in the house and he thinks it is his. Probably due to his high profile in the world now. That being said, if any Pippin Tails boxes are delivered you might want to hide them on the dining room table.

Speaking of tables, we recommend you kids eat there. If not, well Pippin will share dinner. We’re okay with it but kids tend to be a little peeved off when their food gets stolen. Oh and food. Please eat the candy. I repeat, eat all the candy. We promote sugar high children around here. (The treat pile that the dogs have should be proof of this!) 

Oh yeah, this fish and snails were fed this morning so ya know. Another kid chore! Fish once a day and snails every 2-3 days. Thanks kids!! 

Well, we wish you the guys the best of luck in round two! We also look forward to our “pup dates” from you all the share with the world while we on vacation. 

Let us know if you need anything. Lu dog can hold down the fort but as you know, the world revolves around Pippin and his crazy! 

We love you and your family so much! Thank you again so much for staying with our creatures while we are gone. We know they appreciate being able to be home in their own bed while Dog Dad and Dog Mom are soaking up the Florida sun! 

Much love,

The Pippin Tails Household

We honestly are beyond thankful for our friends staying at our home with the dogs. Of course there are quite a few wonderful doggie care facilities in our area but nothing is quite like home. As we know, Pippin is a very anxious dog and prefers things he already knows. Lu dog, if she had thumbs, could pretty much take care of herself and sees no point in leaving her comfy couch. That being said, we are immensely happy that they get to hold down the fort while we are out of state!

Stay tuned for tons of great Pippin Tails when we return and give us a follow on Twitter and Instagram to see the adventures of our dog sitters while we are gone!

Dog Sitter PT 2.jpg


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