Let’s go for a walk! Get FIT with FIDO!  

As a society, we are making a push for fitness. We are recognizing that a healthy diet and an active lifestyle are the keys to a long life. This is the same truth for our pets as well, and it is our responsibility to make sure Fido stays active.

Do you wear a FitBit or an activity tracker?  This is a great strategy to measuring activity level and encouraging us to get out and move more! Well, what about Fido? StarWalk is a device that is like a Fitbit for your pup.

It measures daily steps and allows you to choose goals for your pup. Apparently, I take more steps than Pippin! Who would have known that laying on the couch while I was at work would make him so lazy!

It’s important to keep our pets fit and active just like ourselves. They say, if your dog is overweight your not exercising enough! Keeping a pet at the proper weight, with good cardio and playtime, will help ensure a long and healthy life for Fido. Which we all want our pets to live their lives as fully and for as long as possible.

We complied a list of things Fido (and you) can do to get moving!

1. Go watch the sunrise or sunset by walking around a local lake or park. This is key in the summer right now with the high heats but also gives you a goal to go out and see something beautiful.

2. Sign up for neighborhood watch! That’s right, we already know your pup is the reigning terror against squirrels but could they be a crime fighting pooch? Take laps around the neighborhood – who knows maybe you’ll meet that neighbor with the weird plants…

3. Go to the beach! Ah the beach. Go stick your toes, and paws, in the ocean! Taking a walk down the beach can be so serene.

4. The mountains are calling and I must go. It’s hot, we all know that. Head up into the mountains and catch a hike with Fido. You’ll get some time in nature and a cool down from your typical summer activities! (We will be heading to the mountains end of August so stay tuned!)

5. Go catch some Pokemon with Fido!! I can’t believe that is actually a sentence making it into our blog but hey, Fido gets a walk and you catch ’em all!

Those are just a few ideas to get you and Fido moving together!


Now, how do you know how much you’re actually moving? This is where StarWalk comes into play by iQ pet. StarWalk monitors steps, allows you to set reminders, has a night walking mode (the device flashes keeping you safe on the neighborhood watch walk) and even works on an app just like my personal Fitbit.


StarWalk is super simple. You charge it, clip it to Fido’s collar and than it simply does the rest. It logs the steps that Fido takes, the calories that Fido burns and even logs the temperature. It will even tell you the activity type, amount of time the dog spent in each activity and the distance traveled by Fido. Of course, we hope this means you will be getting some steps as well!

You can see here on the dashboard a little how StarWalk works. Pippin’s best day was 9,206 steps. His average is 5,864 steps a day. 

We can see more details for the day was well. So far on July 8th, Pippin has taken 3,248 steps. He’s burned 254 calories and has been active for over an hour. This app really helps understand our pets habits. 

Now the one thing to keep in mind is we are the LEAST active in the summer as tempature are around 100F and it’s not good to keep the pups out in the heat. I’ll be curious to see what this StarWalk data looks like after summer!

It helps having a partner in crime, especially with fitness. StarWalk allows you to get fit with Fido and have some extra motivation to get moving.  We used StarWalk for one month on Pippin and his average

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