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We have been invaded! Pooch Perks has invaded our home with aliens and all sorts of out of this world goodies for our pups!

Our pups happily unboxed the July 2016 Independence Day box from Pooch Perks starring an alien invasion theme. If you want to check into the June 2016 box and find out about our under seas adventures before we jet off into space you can check that out too! Pooch Perks Finding Dory Box: An Unboxing of Subscription Boxes.

Let the invasion begin! We unboxed the Pampered Upgrade version of this box so we received all of the best items that Pooch Perks has to offer! The pups immediately jumped into action and the unboxing began!


Pippin knew the invasion was here! You can see it in his eyes!

As usual, we had to do things the way the pups wanted them done. Which means, we had to take everything out before we were allowed to begin!

As you can see Pippin was extra eager to get into this box! Pippin loves toys and this box came with a bundle of toys! Pooch Perks Pampered box always comes with so many toys and that is precisely why we love this box! So let’s get a closer look.

This box looks PAWSOME right?

Doesn’t this box look like so much fun! Any pooch would love to unbox this and our two professional unboxing champions will show you just why this box is amazing!


Davis Square Camberville Treats: Camberville treats are handmade locally on their farm, wheat/corn/soy free and non-GMO. These treats came in all of the boxes this month.

Exclusively Dog Carob and Vanilla Treats: The yummy sandwich cremes are made with all natural ingredients. These treats came in all of the boxes this month.

The Real Meat Company: We got some Alien Invasion Treats that are made with beef, oatmeal and spinach. These were so yummy and we love The Real Meat Company! We received these treats because we are a part of the Pampered Pooch box.


PetLou’s One Eye Blue Monster: This is little guy is too cute! One big thing that we loved about this little monster was that he had a big tube squeaker inside. That is Pippin’s favorite type of squeaker toy!

Spunky Pup Ghim: This toy is squishy, squeaky and oh so much fun! For an alien invader, he is pretty darn adorable. It also has Aleinflex Gnawgard technology.  (If you have a smaller dog you would have received the Hugglehounds RuffText Purple People Eater toy.)

Jolly Pets Flathead: This guy is durable, tuggable and it crinkles! Crinkle toys are great because they offer another type of stimulation for the dogs. As you can see, our pups were quite fond of this guy!

Spunky Pup Meteor: This is a durable treat dispensing toy. We love the variety that Pooch Perks includes their boxes and it really makes everyone happy! This meteor treat ball was a real hit! Hopefully we can keep it from impacting with our earth though!



Earth Friendly by My Loyal Friend: These doggie doo doo bags will come in handy for when we are chasing aliens! (We don’t think you want to see this in action…)

This box is truly fantastic! As you can see,these pups are super happy with their new toys! Of course, I have to put the treats up or they would eat them all right out of the package!


Are you interested in getting your own Pooch Perks box? You can sign up for four different packages with Pooch Perks; Penny Pincher, Popular, Pampered and Patriotic. Check it out now on Pooch Perks and see which box would be PAWFECT for you and your pooch!

Stay tuned for next months Pooch Perks box since we are a monthly reviewer! We always announce the theme on our Twitter before we get the box!



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