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Paw Pals With Annie: An Unboxing of Subscription Boxes

How do you and your pups celebrate the weekend? We at Pippin Tails love to celebrate the weekend with a pawsome unboxing! This weekend we have a  Paw Pals With Annie subscription box!

Let’s check it out and see what Paw Pals With Annie has to offer our pups here at Pippin Tails!

So, when the box came the pups were excited with their surprises BUT we have a surprise too! Remember Lucia from The Multiple Dog Household post? Well, she is a guest reviewer for this box! With “All Paws Aboard” we will begin our unboxing!


This box was all about the patriotic pup and summer fun! In this box we got two Multipet dog toys, one Chuckit! dog toy, a super cute bandana and finally some Pawtriotic Treats!


Before I let the dogs take over, I’d like to say that I love that this box was full of toys. It was nice to get three toys and one treat in this box! It meant a lot of toy time and still some little biscuits too! I also love the bandana because it means something stylish for the pups to wear for the month!



The Pawtriotic Treats were a July hit for these pups! They came in the neatest patriotic shapes and all the dogs got to enjoy their favorites! Look at all these happy pups enjoying these treats!


Pippin decided he was going to be super adorable in his Willowear bandana! This plaid bandana was super cute and made it feel like he was going to a summer time picnic! This bandana was great quality and very well made. If you’re interested in getting your pup some bandanas for their wardrobe I would check this company out!


We love Chuckit! in our house! It’s one of the best brands that we have found! Well, little miss Lucia took over on this one! She LOVED this squeaky, bouncy and rubber ball! You can tell by the look on her face she found her new favorite toy! A big thanks to Paw Pals With Annie for introducing us to this toy! We have only used the flyers and discs so this will be some added fun!

This squeaky toy was Pippin’s favorite toy from the Paw Pals With Annie box! He loves it! He couldn’t even contain himself to be a proper doggie model! This was probably the most adorable squeaky, fluffy and squishy toy and Pippin thought so too!

Finally, we have Lu Dog’s favorite toy of them all! She loved the rope anchor toy. I find it ironic as she is the anchor dog of our home and this is the toy she picked! It floats, squeaks and has some fluff to make it fun while still being a pull toy! Lu loves pull toys and loves to play with her friends with them too! Pippin had a little fun too so we had to include his outtake play time picture.

We loved this subscription box by Paw Pals With Annie! It’s theme was perfect for summer, it had three types of toys that appealed to all of the dogs too. Not to mention, we get a lot of treats so it was nice for it to be a primarily toy box. Everything was quality and we were happy with all of the products. 

Interested in Paw Pals With Annie?  Check them out now and pick between the Novelty and Deluxe box for your special pup pal. Don’t let your pup miss out!


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