What To Feed Senior Dogs & Other Tips

It’s not easy coming to grips with the fact that Lu dog is now into her senior dog years. Layla turned 7 years old in April and it was then I realized that she was finally the age that was marked on all the senior dog foods.

Now, listen to your vet about your dog diet of course, but for most dogs it is time to make the change. Between their 7th and 8th birthday most dogs should be switched over to senior dog food. Senior dogs will need to have a food with lower calories and fat because just like us, age tends to mean a lower metabolism. Additionally, most senior dogs will need to add more fiber to their diets to uh, keep things going…

We have partnered with Chewy.com as a #ChewyInfluencer to bring you Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind as our monthly review. I want to start by saying this, we don’t review anything that we don’t already use or a brand we don’t already trust. Currently, Layla eats Purina Pro Plan Focus (Adult Weight Management) and Pippin eats Eukanuba Dog Food (Lamb and Rice).  The reason we brought in the Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind is because I have been thinking and wanting to try Bright Minds. If either one of these food are something you already feed your pet, or would like to feed your pet you can order direct from Chewy.com and have it delivered like this box right here!


I will admit, advertising has an effect on our dog food choices but Ihave done my research on our dog foods. We choose Eukanuba for Pippin because of their 10 year study that they did. You can find the video here.

We choose Purina because Layla has eaten Purina Pro Plan since she was 2 years old and she was getting a little chunky. I was hoping once we got her in a good weight (and she is finally there!) to start her on a senior food. Of course, Purina was going to be our choice for her so it was great to be able to bring this food to the table of our trail and to bring you the information as well. Check out the ad for Bright Minds here.

The reason for providing all of this information is we want you to know that Pippin Tails will only bring you the best information and doesn’t promote just to promote. We have a long standing relationship with this brand and want to bring it into our lives as we move into the “senior realm” of our Lu dog’s life.

So, let’s talk about Purina Pro Plan Bright Minds. 

We received our bag of Chicken and Rice Formula of bright minds. Now, we are still in the trial stage of this dog food. 

We received our bag of Chicken and Rice Formula of bright minds. Now, we are still in the trial stage of this dog food. 

It’s important to make sure that we help our senior pets get the most of their later years. The nutrition be provide them with throughout their lives can enhance and lengthen the years our pups get to be a part of our family. We can also do this by giving them treats like  Cosequin DS. See our post here for that #ChewyInfluencer article The Elderly Dog and Joint Health: Cosequin DS.

We want Lu Dog and all dogs to be able to live long and healthy lives. So on top of feeding quality food like Purina Pro Plan Bright Minds here are some other healthy tips:

  1. Make sure you’re taking your dog to the vet annually and getting all vaccinations and blood work. If you want to learn about vaccines see our article The Big V Word: The Veterinarian to learn more about your annual vaccinations.
  2. Keep your dog on proper heartworm and flea medications. Want to know the best one for you and your pup? See our post Fleas, Ticks and Worms OH MY! Everything You Need To Know and How to Combat Them!
  3. Get proper exercise with your dog! That’s right! Exercise is good for both you and your pup and will help you live long and healthy lives. 30 minutes a day is what is recommended by my doctor and I am sure Fido will appreciate that 30 minutes of time with you and a good walk!
  4. Make sure your pet has adequate entertainment!  You can see any of our reviews for ways for your dog to be entertained. A mind that is entertained is a happy mind! Even for our senior dogs we need to find ways to engage them in activities to keep them active in their daily lives.
  5. Another tip, that we aren’t saying is for everyone but, get your dog a playmate! That’s right! ANOTHER DOG! WOO HOO! See our post on The Multiple Dog Household to learn why we got Pippin to help Lu Dog liven up a bit!

We hope that Purina Pro Plan Bright Minds will stimulate Lu Dog to be able to be an active dog! We already love their brand and are looking forward to seeing the changes over the next two weeks. If you want to know what the results are follow us here and on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for updates! If you would like to purchase Purina Pro Plan Bright Minds for your dog go to Chewy.com and order now!



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