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Pooch Perks “The Olympic Box”: An Unboxing of Subscription Boxes

Today is the day! The 2016 Rio Olympic Summer Games have begun! Starting today we will see athletes from around the world compete to WIN GOLD this month in their various sports. This is a time for the world to be united and of course, a time for a fun unboxing!

Pooch Perks came out with the Win Gold Olympic Box for August to celebrate the 2016 Rio Olympic Games! We wanted to debut this box today to kick off the Olympics the Pippin Tails way!


We think Lu Dog and Pippin deserve gold everyday, but we might be partial. Pooch Perks makes them feel like they are winners every month, not just every four years and that makes us super happy!

So as we unboxed this box we came across an awesome story about Waldi the Dachshund!


Did you know that there was an Olympic mascot named Waldi? We didn’t either. Here I am thinking I know all these fun doggie facts too! Okay, so who is Waldi? (This makes me want say “Where is Waldo?”) Waldi was a Dachshund that was born on December 15th, 1969 at the Olympics Organizing Committee Christmas party! What a Christmas present right? (Okay, another side bar – We are SO ready for Christmas and can’t wait for ‘Tis The Season to begin!)

So, Waldi was then the first official Olympics Mascot in 1972 for the Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany. (GO WALDI!) They created him to represent agility, tenacity and resistance which all are traits of the Dachshund dog! (What I am hearing is hyper, stubborn and full of crazy! I love wiener dogs though!) So they made Waldi into the mascot and he even had the marathon route created to look like him! Okay, so Waldi really made an impression! I think it’s time Pippin Tails made it’s impression on this Win Gold box!


In this Pooch Perks box we received one doggie goodie, two treats and three toys! It was a great mix of toys too! The pups were super excited to dig into this pawsome box!


We checked out our toys first because the pups were feeling playful! We got the Jack for Joy toy and this is going to be so much fun in the yard! We are going to throw, toss and fetch this toy for hours on end. Of course, the weather is bringing in the gold on the rain right now so the pups will have to wait to truly test this toy out! This toy is one piece construction, extremely durable and made with non-toxic plastic. Also, it is made here in the USA so that’s a gold medal right there!

Next up Pippin took the Mammoth Twister Tug for a spin! He wouldn’t even let me take the tags off! Each time I tried to take it from him he tried to play tug! Needless to say this tug is going to be a favorite of Pippins! He loves to be able to play tug of war with Lu Dog and of course, sometimes Dog Mom gets in on the action!


We took a quick break to cool down! Okay, not really but Lu Dog tested out this FouFit Bandana and it is COOL! So, the way it works: This bandana is treated with powdered ore on a special fabric that absorbs and locks water and releases it through evaporation. What does that mean? It means your dog can stay cool for 2-6 hours! That’s right! So, if your pooch is going after that gold this is the bandana to wear to cool down!


Our golden reviewers were getting a little hungry so we decided we would jump into some treats and switch it up a bit! Don’t worry, you’ll see that last toy soon! We received Dogs Love Kale Chicka treats and Boosters Best Bison Flavored Treats! YUM! Let’s see what our taste testers think!


First up was the Dogs Love Kale Chicka treats! These are chicken and blueberry and made with no grain or wheat! That means if your pup is sensitive but wants a yummy crunchy heart shaped cookie – well this treat is for them! These treats are packed with Vitamin C&K and Carotene for your athlete on four feet!


Next our testers sunk their teeth into the Bountiful Bison treats by Boo Boo’s Best. This new flavor for 2016 was exotic and packed with nutrients! These treats have Omega-3 Fatty Acids to help with joints and more! Our taste testers loved this chewy and delicious squares of Durham Ranch Bison!

Our pups got to play with some fun Olympic theme toys and eat some super tasty and yummy treats to the Olympian dogs that we know they are. But, we saved this toy for last. Now, I thought this toy was too cute! It was the Pet Lou Natural Twisted Dog. Notice the tense. It WAS the…. So this toy was super cute but…

We didn’t get a whole lot of pictures with this adorable, stuffed, crinkly and squeaky dog toy. Mainly because Pippin took off with it and next thing I know he has the squeaker in his mouth and ready to go! Pippin loves this type of texture of a toy and he LOVES crinkles! It’s his favorite! That being said – I let him keep his scraps from this toy and it was truly his favorite of the box!

This box was filled with so many GOLDEN goodies to celebrate the kicking off of the 2016 Rio Summer Olympic Games! 

We wish the best to all those competing and send them well wishes of health, safety and good sportsmanship. Our athletes have worked their whole lives for this. Our Pippin Tails pups work their whole lives for Pooch Perks boxes too!

If you are interested in getting a Pooch Perks box for your pup don’t hesitate! This box is always filled with quality toys, treats and more! You can choose between three types of boxes: Penny Pincher, Popular Pooch and Pampered Pooch. This review was of the Pampered Pooch Box and makes sure your pup doesn’t miss a thing! Whether large or small your four legged Olympian deserves a Pooch Perks box and they can accommodate your pup!



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