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Paw Pals With Annie: An Unboxing of Subscription Boxes

It’s been a CRAZY week at Pippin Tails! In fact, so crazy that Pippin and Lu Dog may have put in an offer on a house! That’s right, the dogs did it….

Okay, we tell bad jokes on Pippin Tails. But after many days of Dog Mom and Dog Dad being gone late hours, coming home smelling of strange cats in strange houses this Paw Pals With Annie Box was JUST what the pups needed to have a fun night! They got biscuits, treats, toys and even got a beautiful and unique bandana! Dog Mom and Dog Dad better have found a big enough house for all their doggie loot!

The theme of this Paw Pals With Annie box was Backyard BBQ and nothing could be more perfect for the month of August! It’s that time of year; burgers and hot dogs are on the grill and the days of summer are finally becoming a manageable burn of heat! Instead of lighting up the grill, these pups got to unbox their box!


This box was packed with super yummy and extra fun goodies! We received the deluxe box and got SO many fun doggie dream toys and treats! We got stocked up this August with a beautiful Willowwear bandana, Wet Noses Crunchy Kale Treats, Wet Noses WOOF biscuit, Prairie Dog Texas Sausages and finally we got two Aspen Pet plush toys in the shape of a hot dog and a cheeseburger! (Now, Pippin wishes I would share my actual cheeseburger with him but…)


Clearly, Paw Pals with Annie really put some time into creating this PAWSOME box for our pups! We love that after a long and crazy week that we can have a moment to have fun with our pups! Let me tell you, we had a little too much fun with this box! You can see our Instagram for some videos of the Pippin Tails crazy!

Okay, let’s see what our doggie reviewers thought of this box! 

First up was our Prairie Dog Texas Sausages! These beef and sweet potato treats were a HUGE hit with our pups!

After opening the bag of these treats our pups noses were going! You could tell the smoked smell was just ever so enticing! I could have sworn this was jerky!

Next we had to dive into our Wet Noses treats and big biscuit bone! You won’t believe the pictures from these treats! Let’s just say our pups wet noses were wild for these USDA Organic treats!

After we enjoyed our Crunchy Kale Biscuits we decided to get out the big bone. Well, at this point Pippin took his piece and ran. But, we have the BEST picture ever of Lu Dog enjoying this delicious biscuit!

If that face doesn’t say it all, I don’t know what does! WOOF! We loved the Wet Noses treats and bone so very much!

We then decided it was time to break out the Willowear and get a little fancy! Pippin wanted to model this beautiful Koi bandana for all to see! Want to see some cute outages – these pictures probably should have been considered outtakes too – check out our Instagram for some silly pictures! I think Pippin really wanted his Texas Sausage biscuits in this last picture!

We finally bit into our backyard BBQ plush toys! Let me tell you, these pups love their toys!


As you can see, Lu Dog really thought this box was a TONGUES OUT fun box! She literally was slobbering over it the whole time! As per usual, Pippin took off with his toy and ran. He then proceeded to steal Lu Dogs toys too! Now, as I write this post, Pippin has taken the squeaker out of each of these BBQ fun toys and is parading them around the house letting us know how much he loves them!

We want to thank Paw Pals With Annie for providing such a fun themed box and an opportunity play with our pups during a very busy time! If you’re interested in a Paw Pals With Annie Deluxe box all you have to do is go to their website and order now! You can even get a free gift with your first box! Check them out now to find out this months gift and how to make sure your pups get one of these PAWSOME boxes!

We want to give TWO PAWS UP to this box and we can’t wait to bring you more Pippin Tails !

Paw Pals With Annie

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