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Pet Treater “Best In Show” Box: An Unboxing of Subscription Boxes

It’s always nice to have a pampering day that makes you feel refreshed and renewed! This BEST IN SHOW box by Pet Treater was truly PAWSOME! It was so stocked up that the box was bursting! (Now that is a sign of a wooftastic box!)


Lu Dog (formally known as Layla) got a little help in opening this Pet Treater box with Pippin at her side! These two pups were so excited to go nose first into this box! I am actually surprised I got this “we promise we are well behaved mutts” picture! Whenever a hedgehog comes into play they seem to lose their senses!

With no further delay, we shall let these pups unbox this box as they are on their best behavior! As you can see this box is to capacity with all kind of wonderful goodies for pets and owners alike!


The Unboxing Breakdown:

We received 9 items in this box! That’s right NINE! Pet Treater really delivered on this box (and of course you have everything you could ever want to buy in the store delivered right to your door) and wowed both myself and our product testers!

Juicy Crittoure Doggie Bathing Box


Talk about FABULOUS! This is a box WITHIN a box! That’s right! This bathing kit comes complete with brush, Shampooch and Coif Fur Moisturizing conditioner! We can’t wait to get our pups looking sleek, fresh and smelling wonderful with this kit!

Chicky Twizzies 6″ Chewy Stick


Can you see what the pups are wearing? Don’t worry, it is just a sneak peak for later in this post! Keep on reading to see how these pups got to look their best for this shot! This Chicky Twizzies was a overall sensation with the pups! We split it between them and if you can’t tell Pippin just couldn’t sit still! He jumped up to get his piece and the two ran off like the minions they are to chew their prizes together!  (I won’t lie – it took me a few minutes to figure out how to open it. That may have created some climatic anticipation for this yummy treat!)

Multipet Rubber and Rope Ball


This Multi Pet ball is a GREAT toy for the outdoors! We will be taking this outside for tons and tons of playtime! The blue is rope wrapped up and the green is actually rubber! That means it can bounce, bounce, bounce! You can’t tell from Lu Dog’s RBF but she really loves to play with bouncy balls!

Highland On The Go Fold Away Pet Bowl


We are actually planning a trip at the end of the month and can’t wait to bring this with us! You can see our article Take Your Dog Outside: Kurgo Products Review to see some of what we bring with us! We received a bowl from Vitabone as well (See our Vitabone review as well if you like Product Review: Vita Bone), one from Kurgo and now this bowl from Highland On The Go! We now are actually officially ready for two dog bowls and one water bowl on this trip! Thank you Pet Treater for helping us pack up!

Barrons Mini Encyclopedia of Dog Health – Pet Treater for your Human


This is something I am thrilled to have! I have loved all of the Pet Treater for your Human gifts in each box BUT this one is truly the best! (At the end of this post I will have links for you to view all of the Pippin Tails Pet Treater Unboxing articles to see all of the awesome hooman gifts we have gotten!) I have never thought of having a go to guide but this will be great to have at the house!

Market Cuts Chick and Sweet Potato Wrap Treats (Lu Dog’s Favorite!)


These are probably some of the coolest treats we have ever gotten! These Dingo Brand Market Cuts were too cool! This bag was stuffed to the top! In fact, I also had trouble getting this open because it was so slam packed with delicious treats! These treats are made in the USA with real sweet potato and chicken! No chicken by products, wheat or gluten! Each sweet potato piece is wrapped in chicken and the bag smells AMAZING! I mean, that is kind of gross considering they are dog treats but seriously, amazing. On the daily maximum feeding guide it says three of these treats a day… We may have already broken that but well whatever. What is the point of being a doggie influencer if you can’t have some extra treats now and then?

PetLou Hedgehog Plush Toy (Pippin’s Favorite!)


To get the full effect of this Pet Lou Hedgehog you will need to visit our Instagram for all of the videos! Hedgehogs are one of our FAVORITE toys at Pippin Tails! They love the sound, the fluff and the tug of war games! Pippin can’t sit still until the deed is done and the toy is defluffed. In fact, as I am writing this, I am thinking that Dog Dad JUST cleaned the living room and now their is hedgehog fluff EVERYWHERE! If your dog loves plush toys, you know exactly what I am talking about!

Insect Shield Paisley Bandana 


So this is a PAWTASTIC invention! This Insect Shield bandana is treated with Permethin and last for 70 washes! It repels mosquitoes, ticks, ants, flies, chiggers and midges (no-see-um). Anyone can use this, so that means you and Fido can share this one too! Oh, and did I mention it looks amazing on Lu Dog with it’s paisley print? Of course it does!

The Cutest Black Bow Tie Ever (My favorite!)


Okay, this was my FAVORITE and I am going to over share some pictures from this shot! This was just simply ADORABLE! I don’t think any other words are needed!



This Pet Treater box was phenomenal! We loved the BEST IN SHOW box and it is still shipping if you want to get this box for you and your dog! Want to know what past boxes have had? Check out Pet Treater May Box: An Unboxing of Subscription BoxesPET TREATER JUNE BOX: AN UNBOXING OF SUBSCRIPTION BOXES and PET TREATER JULY: AN UNBOXING OF SUBSCRIPTION BOXES to learn all the things you will get by signing up!

Click Here To Get Your Pet Treater Box Now! 

Did I mention that if you use code PT-BED you will get a FREE BED with your first box? Have enough doggie beds? Then use code LOVE-PT5 to get $5 Off your first box!

You certainly don’t want to miss out on  the September box!


As always, we give TWO PAWS UP to Pet Treater and we hope you do too! 


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