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We have spent the past two weeks enjoying the Rio 2016 Olympic Games as a nation, and as a world. We have unified in something larger than ourselves and our direct countries. We have been in awe of athletes talents and abilities and have witnessed their victories.

Many of us might be reinstating our New Year’s resolutions of hitting the gym, running that 5K or joining crossfit due to all of these amazing athletic games. So while we are planning our new exercise routines it’s time to make sure our dogs are the best champions they can be too!

We have been testing out something new here at Pippin Tails! We are bringing you Fetch Fuel to celebrate the olympic games and telling you how your dog can be an olympian! It’s as easy as a squeeze!

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 12.06.38 PM

Fetch Fuel provides squeezable nutrition BUT here is the good part: it’s beef flavored! My normally slow eating, all day munching and maybe I ate and maybe I didn’t dogs – now chow down their breakfast if Fetch Fuel is on it! For those of you with picky eaters or those that add those gravy supplements – use Fetch Fuel! You’ll get the same effect AND you can choose Active, Omega or Belly to help your pet have their best day – everyday!


We tested the ACTIVE Fetch Fuel squeezable nutrition for dogs which not only targets joints and hips but also helps with skin and coat. It’s pretty much everything I would ever want to put into my pups food to make them healthier. Oh yeah, and they got a cute ball too! (Since that’s what they care about after all.)


At Pippin Tails we love starting our day with Fetch Fuel. Just one squeeze (tablespoon) is what our pups need for their weight class. We start with our basic food of course and then add our Fetch Fuel Active. On the left we have Purina Pro Plan Weight Management and on the right we have Eukanuba Lamb and Rice. (small bites because Dog Mom can’t read…) It is important even when adding a supplement to start with a good base food. You can check out our Bright Minds post(What To Feed Senior Dogs & Other Tips for more information on these foods as we do feed Lu Dog Bright Minds as well.


After we squeeze on the yummy, beefy and super healthy sauce these breakfast bowls are ready for the pups! All they see and smell is tasty goodness! Little do they know that they are getting the best nutritional supplements all in that beefy flavor!


I am thrilled that the dogs loved Fetch Fuel and I love what Fetch Fuel brings to the table. If you are thinking about adding a supplement to your dogs diet whether it be for joints, skin and coat or digestion – think Fetch Fuel. It’s ten times easier then the pills, powders and messy meds that you normally would deal with to give your dog the best possible health. We want our pups to live long, healthy and exciting lives and we know how important nutrition is for that to happen. Now, we get to bring you an easy way to provide that nutrition and in a way your dog will love!

Check out all Fetch Fuel has to offer here! Want to keep up with more Pippin Tails? Like us on Facebook and follow on Twitter and Instagram. We will always bring you the best of the dog world and share with you everything dog!





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