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PupJoy All Toys All The Time: An Unboxing of the ALL TOY box!

There is nothing better than toys! Whether you are a grown adult, a child or a dog; toys area always the best! That being said we have a PAWSOME box to share with you! As you know from our previous posts on PupJoy, they have every kind of box you could ever imagine! You can check out our posts PupJoy: An Unboxing of Subscription Boxes to see what their mix box looks like. You can also learn all the options for your pup to be full of joy! (Whether your pup has allergies or simply toy preferences they will customize their boxes just for your pup!) If your dog is more of a treats only type of dog, have no fear and check out PupJoy ALL TREAT BOX: An Unboxing of Subscription Boxes to see what an all treat box can bring to your house!

Okay, so this box is all about TOYS! We love toys at Pippin Tails and we have some great testers! So let’s dive right in!


We received five toys from PupJoy! All their toys are carefully selected and come from artisan toy shops! That means you truly are getting something unique for your pup that you can’t get anywhere else!

I am not sure who was more excited unboxing this; me or the dogs! I have always wanted to get them one of the burrows toys and was super stoked when I saw it in this box! Let’s talk toys! (Because that’s not the worst thing to talk about right?)

Toy #1:


The first toy that was the most adorable was the Simply Fido: Brooklyn Design bear. This bear is 100% Organic with crunchy recycled fiber filling. It’s environmentally friendly and low impact too! This means that while your pup is playing with this crinkle little toy you’ll feel confident knowing that this product is good for the world too! Tell me you don’t want 100 of these little bears? I know I do! I think Lu is confused why I won’t let her just crinkle away!

Toy #2:


Next up was the cutest little bunny foo foo! Okay, not really but still! Isn’t this cute? This toy is made by Billy Wolf and handcrafted in the USA. On one side you have this beautiful design and on the other it is all fleece. Now, let me ask you one question; how do you give a toy like this to your dog? It’s just too nice! Well, even though this toy is good enough to probably sit on a shelf for holidays – it belongs to the dogs. I will let out a sigh and just enjoy watching them play with it instead.

Toy #3:


As you can see, Pippin just couldn’t sit still for this one! This is a favorite toy of PupJoy’s pup and it’s called the Cycle Dog Retread ball. This ball squeaks, floats and taste like beef! That’s right – it is a beefy ball! This ball is made of post-consumer recycled products and is eco-friendly. You really can’t beat so much fun and good for the environment! This ball has a Pippin Tails approval!

Toy #4:


Is your dog a tough chewer? Well then this toy is for you! This is a Spot Beyond Tough fish! And let me tell you – it’s tough! You can feel the weight of this toy the moment you pick it up! It has multiple layers and is tough, tough, tough! Oh, and not to mention has a super classic look! Of course, this is another toy that just seems to be too nice to be a dog toy! We can’t wait to have this toy around for a long time!

Toy #5:

I saved my favorite for last! First of all, we have LOVED ZippyPaws products! They are truly awesome and really have dogs in mind! Secondly, it’s a puzzle! That’s right – A PUZZLE! Can you tell I am excited? This Burrows puzzle toy is cute, fun and interactive! If you want to see how Pippin felt you can check out his videos on Instagram with his new toy! This is too awesome and I am so happy Pippin loved it so much! I know I loved it too! We restuffed this toy a few times already because he is just too smart!

In summary, this toy box got TWO PAWS UP! If your pet needs a personal shopper – you need PupJoy! You will get premium pet products delivered right to your door and your pup will always be full of joy! The service is incredible and they will customize your box just right for Fido. When you support PupJoy you will also be supporting people just like you and me – not large corporations that mass produce toys that will be trash in minutes. I promise the toys are so good that you’ll want to keep them safe from little puppy teeth – but hey, that’s not the point!

After trying all the PupJoy options I can honestly say that having an all toy box is pretty amazing. In fact, I think I would love to alternate between an all treat and an all toy box each month! Because PupJoy is so customized you can even do bimonthly or quarterly boxes too!  Perhaps throw in a quarterly mixed box too!

Want to get even more joy out of PupJoy? They now have a PupPoints Loyalty Program too! You can earn cash back from referrals, renewals and purchases! That means – this might be a great birthday or Christmas present to send your puppy friends and family! Your pup can earn points and you can share the JOY!

We love PupJoy and we hope you will too! Get a box and let us know what you think! Don’t forget: 10% of your purchase price (not proceeds but full purchase) will go to animals in need! You can select your rescue upon check out! You can learn more here!

Well, it’s time for us to get to playing with all these toys! Thank you PupJoy and we hope all the pups out there will get their PupJoy box soon so they can play too! 

toys, toys and more toys!

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