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Pooch Perks Lunch Box: Back To School Subscription Box Unboxing

If you don’t know this already, Pippin has been to school! That’s right – this rowdy and crazy mutt does actually know quite a few commands! In a never before seen picture of Pippin and Dog Mom and Dog Dad (don’t judge us now) – here is Pippin’s graduation picture!

Pippin School

Okay, so that’s adorable BUT we are here to bring you Pooch Perks new box! They are PAWSOME with their themes! Seriously, these people know how to make a box! This month the theme was BACK TO SCHOOL! As everyone is prepping and getting ready Pooch Perks took the liberty of packing your dog’s lunch box!

What comes in a doggie lunch box? EVERYTHING!


We got so many goodies in this box and it was a perfectly packed lunch! We had pizza and trail mix snacks for yummies. Then for special treats we had a roofless and a slice of prime beef! On top of that we still got everything we need to learn too! We got the most current news, dinosaurs and balls for P.E! Oh and I can’t forget that Dog Mom got a few wins too! We got sani wipe to keep it all clean and the CUTEST snap and squeak toy! Okay, let’s show you instead of telling you!


I want to start by saying this Squeak-n-Snap is great to catch attention and get the shots! It was a great addition to making this box! And after we were all done, we used the sani wipes to clean up some of the messy yummy treats!

Then we got so many toys! Our PetLou dino is plushy and squeaky which is always our favorite! We then got some Kong sports balls that we can’t wait to go outside and play with! Finally, we got Pet Qwerks news and we are all caught up on the current happenings! Not only did we get the news – it crinkles too! These toys are perfect for back to school!

We then decided it was time to get into the yummy treats and goodies since that is what this lunch box is really about!


We first tried our Exclusively Dog Jerkeez Pizza flavored dog treats! I just want to say that Jerkeez always does a great job inspiring flavors into their dog treats! These treats smell like pizza! Seriously, I recommend you get them just to see what I mean! As you can see, the dogs were pretty thrilled too!



We then tried the Treat Simple Trail Mix dog treats! This was probably one of the coolest treats we’ve received from Pooch Perks! Just a cool idea in general!


This was truly like the trail mix that humans eat! It had multiple types of bones and even bananas and apples! Can you believe that? This way too cool! The dogs loved it except the apples… Not sure why that wasn’t a hit but we are working on it! Come to think of it, I don’t think they have had apples before so it’s probably just something new for them but I thought these were PAWSOME!



Okay, so those were great but after a few treats we were ready for the big goodies! 


We had no idea what a Roofle was until today but I promise you this is one we will not forget! In fact, we might have to order these in bulk! It looks pretty normal right? Wrong!


A Redbarn Roofles is a maple flavored dog treat! It’s like a waffle with maple syrup for your dog! Now, you’ll notice that Lu dog was in possession of this treat as she normally has the sweet tooth. Well, that changed pretty quickly. At first Pippin wasn’t exactly sure how to go about eating this weird new treat. But let’s just say – he figured it out.


It’s okay thought because Lu was actually even happier when she discovered this was her treat! She is always happy to get a nice chewy bone! IMG_6596

This was not just any bone though! It’s a Smokehouse Prime Slice Beef Tendon! It’s high in protein and low in fat (which may be more what Lu dog needs anyways) and since it is a chewy – it cleans those teeth too!


Both the pups were so happy after they had their lunch box! In fact, they were so happy and entertained they just kept on chewing on! Clearly, the dogs knew what they wanted more than I did and managed to pick just the right goodies for themselves. That’s what school is all about right? LEARNING!


This was an TWO PAWS UP box! Want to know what else Pooch Perks has done? Check out Pooch Perks: An Unboxing of Subscription Boxes for our first ever Pooch Perks box!  (I will let the theme be a surprise here – but it was equally well thought out!) POOCH PERKS ALIEN INVASION BOX: AN UNBOXING OF SUBSCRIPTION BOXES if aliens and outer space are more your thing! Did you love the Olympics? Well you might love Pooch Perks “The Olympic Box”: An Unboxing of Subscription Boxes.

We know once you see what Pooch Perks sends out every month you won’t be able to NOT get your dog a box! What you see here is the Pampered Pooch Upgrade box but you can pick your option so that your pup gets everything they need!  Our pups love it and we know yours will too!


Check out Pooch Perks now to order and check our Instagram for more pictures and videos from this unboxing! You can see how mad Pippin was at his Roofle when he couldn’t figure it out! Happy tails everyone!


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