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Pet Treater “Ain’t Nothin But A Hound Dog”: An Unboxing Of Subscription Boxes

There is nothing better than a weekend spent having fun with your pets! This weekend we unboxed our September subscription box by Pet Treater. Haven’t heard of Pet Treater yet? Well, you can play catch up and see our previous unboxing posts! Pet Treater May Box: An Unboxing of Subscription Boxes & PET TREATER JUNE BOX: AN UNBOXING OF SUBSCRIPTION BOXES & PET TREATER JULY: AN UNBOXING OF SUBSCRIPTION BOXES and don’t forget Pet Treater “Best In Show” Box: An Unboxing of Subscription Boxes!

Okay, so you’re all caught up! By now you’ve realized that Pet Treater has some great themes and fun boxes for your pup! Now, let’s talk about this month!


For the month of September the theme of this box was rock ‘n’ rolling with Elvis Presley! We unboxed our “Ain’t Nothin But A Hound Dog” Box and had so much fun!


This box was loaded down with some amazing goodies! We got three yummies, two toys and a comfy gift too! Oh, and not to forget we got our Pet Treater for your human gift! So, let’s jump in with all four paws and get started!


We kicked off our unboxing with these Exclusively Dog Cookies in S’mores Flavor! These were a great way to kick off fall right around the corner and the taste testers LOVED them! Whenever we get our “oreo cookies” our pups are always so pumped! These never last long in our house as they are a huge favorite!


We then received this Elvis Presley Blue Suede Shoe! How cute is this!? Click the picture above to hear the tunes behind this adorable toy! We won’t be stepping on, or chewing on this Blue Suede shoe just yet! Dog Mom will be giving this shoe to the pups one day this week! If you want to see more of our unboxing endeavors you can check us out on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!


We then had way too much fun with our MultiPet purple hippo squeaky or more like grunty toy! This thing was an interesting toy for our pets! They normally don’t get the rubbery toys so it brought such curiosity! As you can see, we had a little fun with the pictures and in picture #2 we gave Pippin a new face with his hippo! We should have put on some Jail House Rock and jammed out while we played with this one!


As I sit here and sip on my pumpkin spice latte the weather here in North Carolina is still sunshine and a little too warm. At least, too warm to warrant my PSL. BUT, this bed has it all! As we are still in the warmer days this little pet mat can cool of our pups in the last days of the summer heat! Then, when fall actually comes and the leaves begin to fall and we enter the days of winter this bed can warm our pets up too! Furimals created a great, fuzzy, warm or cold pet mat that will surely be a great asset in the Pippin Tails house!

We then decided it was about time to start jamming! Okay, but really we ate the cookie! Pet Treater has linked up with Emmy’s Gourmet Canine Creations again and they have provided another PAWSOME cookie!


After all of the fun and excitement, Pet Treater provided a candle for us humans to relax with after this unboxing! This candle will provide wonderful human relaxation!


Alright, so the last thing on this list we actually decided to go ahead and bake for you! 


Check out this Peanut Butter Cheesecake from Puppy Cake! This was probably one of my favorite things that Pet Treater has ever sent us! We decided to make this right up last night and we will be posting on Instagram tonight to see the pups eat it right up! You will want to give us a follow to see the final product and the pups enjoying their desert! Until then though, let’s give you the step by step! This was SUPER easy!



  1. Unpackaged the box. There is a crust and the cheesecake mix.


2. You will then need to get your measuring cup! You will simply need 1 1/2 cups of hot water. That’s it!


3. Time to get mixing!



4. After getting the crust all ready, lay it in a 6 inch pan (or in my case a 9inch because that’s what we had!) and put in the freezer for 2 minutes to set.


LAST STEP! Put the cheesecake mix on top of the crust and refrigerate for 2 hours. (We of course are waiting till the pups have their dinner tonight and then we will have our own little doggy party!)

This was an awesome way to wrap up this box! Follow us on our social media accounts to see the doggy party!


The September Pet Treater box was AWESOME! Truly nothing to cry over little hound dogs! We love it! We would LOVE to get more cakes to make for our pups though! Want to get a Pet Treater box for you pup? Follow this link! There is so much Pet Treater has to offer!



You can get this Octoberfest box for your pup in October AND if you’re a new subscriber to Pet Treater there are several coupon codes you can use! (But you can only pick one so make sure you choose wisely for your pup!)


If your dog isn’t one with a sweet tooth you can use code PT-BED for a free pet bed with your fist box OR you can use LOVE-PT5 for $5 Off your first box! We want you to enjoy your Pet Treater box so we want to bring you all they have to offer!

We loved this months box and we can’t wait to bring you the October box next month! Stay tuned and follow us for more “everything dog”!




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