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Come one, come all we have a BRAND NEW box to share with you! That’s right! New and hot on the market is SURPRISEPAWTY and it really is a pawty in a box!



Alright, so let’s talk about what you need to know about this new box! First of all, if you use code PIPPINTAILS at checkout you will get 15% OFF your box! (That’s more than the other discounts so use it!)So, give ’em a try! Next up is the “how to” part of this! So, pick your pup’s size! Tiny, small, medium or large they have a box for them all! Your box will be between $30-$35 a month depending on the length of plan you pick. Then you build your dogs profile and SURPRISE!

So, what comes in a SURPRISE PAWTY box? Well, let’s let Pippin and Lu Dog tell you all about that!


Alright so we received a ton of pawty supplies! Let’s check it out! img_6899-2

First up we got some human friendly treats! We received some Earth Rated baggies and a super cute bone keychain! For us humans, that was super awesome!


Next up was something for the pups and the humans! That’s right! We got this PAWSOME squeaker selfie ball to mount on our phones! Only problem? Well, we couldn’t exactly get a picture of it but we used to to take some of these great shots! Not to mention, Pooch Selfie donates a portion of each sale to help shelter animals! TWO PAWS UP!


Okay, I guess we should let the pups take over? Yeah, let’s do that. We got some awesome Big Daddy Biscuits peanut buttery yummies! These are a favorite of the pups and they are crunchy, tasty and awesome to put into those bones and rubber toys to keep your pups busy! These treats are made in the USA and the ingredients are locally sourced. These organic treats are hand pressed and made in small batches for your special pooch!


Okay pretty cool right? Wait, there’s more! We also go another pawfect toy for the pups! This one we are going to save for a not so rainy day so we can go outside and play! AnimaFlingers is a great way to play with  your pup without all the slobber! Unfortunately, Dog Mom said we had to wait on this one. Stay tuned to our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for updates on all of our toys and more!


We also received some of the very best products from Noble Pet Company! Haven’t heard of Noble? Well this sample package was an amazing introduction to everything they have to offer! Let’s check it out! We immediately used the lavender on Pippin as he is an anxious dog as many of you might already know. If you don’t you can check out some posts such as The Anxious Dog and What To Do. These are great! See the last image for all the details and we have a discount code to share with you to get your very own Noble products!


We saved the very best for last. We have Pippin’s favorite toy! (that they are still playing with as I write this…) We got the best SURPRISE when we received a Zippy Paws BURROWS toy!!!! Has your pup gotten to play with a burrow yet? If not it is a MUST! Seriously Dog Moms and Dads – Don’t let your pup miss out! Okay, so we will be posting videos on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but event these pictures should tell you everything you need to know about how the mutts feel about Zippy Paws BURROWS!



This box was truly a PAWTY for our pups! They loved it and we humans loved it too! I think that is what made this box great was the pups got a plush toy, a rubber toy and treats BUT we also got some human goodies and some wellness supplies. All in all this box deserves the Pippin Tails seal of approval. Double tail wags for this brand new box! Want to know the value of everything inside?


That’s for real! $65 value! So, don’t forget to check out SURPRISE PAWTY and use code PIPPINTAILS for 15% OFF your first order! You could save $30-$35 on all of these products! We can’t wait to see what October holds for the next pawty!



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