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Paw Pals with Annie “Haunted Forest” Box: An Unboxing of Subscription Boxes

We have a spooky box to share with you BUT first a big unveiling! PawPals With Annie has created the ultimate change in the subscription box game! This is now an UNBAGGING! That’s right! They have changed it up and launched the PawPals with Annie Tote Bag your dogs toys and treats! Not to mention, you now have a tote bag to use for any doggie errands  and more!


I will be honest – I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea! This is such a great way to save on cardboard and provide something for us humans too! This bag is the most genius thing to come to the subscription box world! Mega props to PawPals With Annie!


This bags theme was the Haunted Forest and it was truly spooky! We started off by getting our Willowear Pet Bandana with skulls! Check out how terrifying Pippin looks!


We then decided it was time to try our spooky treats! We got three treats in this bag!

We started off with our Etta Say’s all natural TREATS TO GO! These are a PAWSOME idea! These tiny little peanut butter morsels smelled delicious and the pups thought they were great too!


We then decided we would take our Wet Noses Pumpkin Power bar! This organic, wheat free, corn free, soy free and no GMO biscuits was a true fall treat!

The last treat that we got spooky with was the Nutro Crunchy Treats in carrot flavor. These treats were such a hit that Pippin couldn’t even wait for me to open the bag and get one out for him! Instead, he got them himself!

We loved our treats! We felt so full of fall spirit! Next we decided to take on the critters of the forest!

We started by attacking the monster! We got a tough and durable Dogzilla Invaders plush and squeaky forest critter! This guy was so scary that we have a video on our Instagram and Twitter! Check it out to see all of our fun with this toy!


We finished our “unbagging” with the feature toy from PawPals With Annie! This was the Honest Pet Products Eco Owl Buddy! This toy is a plush, hemp toy that is filled with organic wool! This toy is just as tough as it is cute!

This box was fantastically spooky and an awesome October box! Oh wait, I meant bag! This is probably the best thing we have gotten ever! I can’t wait to tote around our new PawPals With Annie bag!


The pups loved it too! As you can see, this picture was post the Wet Noses bone… We may have had to devour that tasty treat pre-picture.

Want to get your dog a PawPals With Annie box of their very own?  Use code PIPPINTAILS 10% OFF now! Don’t wait – you and your pup will be so happy! Want to know how happy?


This was our very first “unbagging” and we can’t wait to to more with you soon! Keep tuned for more wonderful PawPals With Annie!

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Paw Pals With Annie: An Unboxing of Subscription Boxes

Paw Pals With Annie: An Unboxing of Subscription Boxes

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