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Pet Treater Barktoberfest Box: An Unboxing of Subscription Boxes

October is our favorite month of the year! There is candy, treats, spooky delights AND beer! Okay, well normally you wouldn’t think of beer as being a part of a dog post right? Think again! Pet Treater has brought Barktoberfest into our home! It’s time to unbox this festive delight! (And there will be beer!)

We received so many PAWSOME treats this month and some that I, Dog Mom, am super stoked about! Let’s share what we unboxed this month! Remember, every purchased box from Pet Treater helps pets in need!


Do you see all these goodies? The first thing I want to highlight on here is the Pet Treater for your Human! I think this is one of the best perks to Pet Treater and this one is perfect for me!


Okay – so let’s touch on why this is awesome!

1. I can make human goodies in these!

2. I can make puppy goodies in these!

3. How cute are these? (Super cute! That’s how cute!)

We have an annual Halloween party and it is next weekend! I will absolutely be using these next weekend! Maybe I will even make a slightly human post on our Instagram! Or, maybe I will make some doggie friendly treats too!

Next up, was for the dogs, but let’s be honest; it’s for me too!


This PetStor over the door organizer is going to be PAWMAZING for our Pippin Tails office! (Yes, we have an office now! Okay, so it might share space with Dog Mom’s day job office but this will make it have it’s very own space!) This is a great idea for pet parents everywhere! We all have those “not used everyday so what do I do with this” items and now we have somewhere to store them! Oh, and of course in typical Pet Treater fashion – it’s adorable!

Next up is our brand new bandana! Want to see this awesome bandana on Pippin and Lu Dog? (This is Layla’s box after all…) Check out our Instagram for pictures! I think this is probably Dog Dad’s favorite item in the box. Oh wait, I might have spoke too soon…


We then got to dive into some pretty awesome treats! Let’s check them out!


When you think beer, you think jerky right? I know I do! This was a great treat for our Barktoberfest celebration! Check out what the pups think of these Indigo jerky treats! (SPOILER ALERT: They loved them!)


So after we had our yummy treats! Lu Dog wanted to break out her girly toys! We loved our chew resistant Bow Wow Pet‘s Monsters Dog Toy in pink!  One thing I want to point out was that the pink bone supports breast cancer awareness! I loved that! We are all affected by breast cancer in some way. Whether it be yourself, a family member or a friend – it’s something we can’t avoid. A cure needs to be found but until then, all support matters. That being said, I want to share the National Breast Cancer Foundation page for all since it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Let’s not forget that while we celebrate all the wonderful things about October!


Alright, so let’s get down to the Friday night fun! Our pups LOVED this #TGIF Barktoberfest fun! We received a Nature’s Deli knuckle bone AND the best thing in this box (in my personal opinion) we received the Bowser Beer Porky Pup Porter! Check it out!


This Barktoberfest box from Pet Treater was pretty amazing right? These pups had the best Friday night EVER! But, it’s not done yet! We are doing a giveaway! That’s right!!!! Go to our Facebook now to enter to win! Contest ends Sunday, October 23rd! You can check out all of our Pet Treater posts by following THIS LINK to see what all they have to offer!


Stay tuned for next months unboxing from Pet Treater! We have a feeling you will be thankful that you did!


Want to grab a box? Use these codes to get even MORE from Pet Treater!



Pet Bed.jpg



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