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Merrick Pet Care Seasonal and Limited Edition Food & Treats: The Special Care Your Dog Needs!

We are so thrilled to bring you all the wonderful Merrick Pet Care limited edition foods and special treats! We have partnered with Merrick to bring you all their specialty foods for summer before but now, it’s our favorite time of year! We can’t wait to show you all these lovely dinners and share with you Pippin and Lu Dog’s favorites! Check out Product Review: Merrick Pet Care Special Edition Food & Power Bites for the summer specialities!

We have some of the limited edition fall/winter specialties from Merrick Pet Care to share with you! We know you will love them! The best part is YOU CAN WIN ALL OF THESE FOR YOUR PUP! Stay tuned to find out how your pup can have everything Merrick that you will see in this post! img_7522

For starters, we have the Forever Home holiday recipe that is perfect for Thanksgiving dinner for your pup! This recipe is grain free and has beef, chicken, yukon gold potatoes, peas and red delicious apples. Your pup will be in heaven this fall with this meal! Not to mention, it was the perfect start to our review as we just moved to our forever home here at Pippin Tails!img_7506-2

Next, we served up the limited edition and grain free Presidential Platter recipe! This is perfect for the election season! It is full of chunky turkey, salmon, sweet potatoes and peas in a gravy sauce! Salmon is a favorite dish around here and this was truly a great dinner recipe. No matter who you are voting for, make sure your pup is dining in style during this 2016 election!


After we broke out the wonderful platter we decided it was time to bring kick it up a notch for our football lover. We threw ourselves into this Friday Night Lights Feast recipe!  I will go ahead and say this was Pippin’s favorite dish! He happily took one of these meatballs right out of his bowl, jumped on the couch and proceeded to eat it like a typical man watching football! I loved that this recipe was a little different! As always, this limited edition and grain free food was PAWSOME! This recipe is made with sausage links, potatoes and peas in a scrumptious gravy! (Oh, and did I mention we are NY Jets fans? Well this was a great chance for me to share some cool stuff that Dog Dad had hidden in his office!)


Okay, so we got some great turkey day grub and our covered for election night. We also made sure to have some grub for game days too! Whats next? How could it get better? Well, this is how! We loved this Hero’s Banquet recipe! As always this recipe is grain free and is made with turkey, chicken, sweet potatoes, carrots and peas. This recipe supports K9s For Warriors  and we are happy to support such a great cause.

Help us give a new leash on life to rescue dogs and military heroes with this Merrick recipe, Hero’s Banquet, made with Turkey, Chicken, Sweet Potatoes, Carrots & Pears.

For all Hero’s Banquet food and treats sold, Merrick will make a donation to K9s For Warriors to support their mission of pairing specially trained rescue dogs with veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disability (PTSD). Hero’s Banquet is available nationally year-round at Petco, independent pet supply stores and online.

Since 2015, Merrick Pet Care has been K9s For Warriors exclusive dog food partner, providing each K9s For Warriors service dog with all their meals and training treats as they train for their service of empowering their Warriors to return to civilian life with dignity and independence. In 2016, Merrick also announced a $250,000 donation to K9s for Warriors to fund research showing the effective role service dogs play in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disability (PTSD) among American military veterans.


Whew! You’d think that was so much awesome there couldn’t possibly be more right? Well not quite! We now have Lu Dog’s favorite recipe of the bunch! This Christmas Day Dinner recipe was absolutely awesome! I think the reason this was Lu’s favorite it is made with chicken, duck, sweet potatoes and peas in a decadent gravy. As always, this is grain free and made to make your dog feel that holiday spirit!


Our dogs LOVE Merrick! All of these special edition foods are made in the USA and grain free. They feature everything you need for the holidays in your home and are always made with the quality that Merrick always promises to make your dog the #bestdogever! Many of these recipes are seasonal and only out for a limited time! You can see Pippin and Lu Dog with their favorite dishes from Merrick! Don’t you want your pup to have all these wonderful goodies?



Of course, the Merrick goodies don’t stop there! We also got to sample some amazing treats! These are Merrick Power Bites and they are PAWSOME! We have three flavors available: Rabbit, Chicken and Salmon. Lu Dog was a huge fan of the Salmon and Pippin loved the Rabbit. The chicken was super great as well but I think they liked the unique flavors they can’t get just anywhere!


Pippin Tails absolutely loves Merrick Pet Care! We love them so much so we have decided to bring Merrick right to your house! That’s right, we want to share everything you’ve seen here with you and your pup! Check out our Facebook and enter to win everything you’ve seen in this post! That’s right – you will get EVERYTHING Merrick! We want your dog to be the #bestdogever!




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