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Pooch Perks Give Thanks Box: An Unboxing of Subscription Boxes

The howl-day season, Pooch Perks is “Giving Thanks” by supporting companies that give back to dogs in need! Talk about the perfect Thanksgiving holiday box for the season. Your pooch gets tons of toys and treats and so many other dogs in need are taken care of too. It’s hard to see my sweet pups snuggled on the couch and eating until their bellies are full all while other dogs are homeless and without families.


You can also learn about Pooch Perk’s very own sanctuary for abused and neglected dogs by checking out Ralph’s Place Charity.  If anyone asks me what box to get their pup this month, I will probably have to say Pooch Perks! It’s so nice to know that all the products in this box are going to help animals in need!

If you are interested in adopting a pooch – please check out to find your new family member this holiday season. Just remember, dogs are family and they need you for their whole lives!

So what is in this Give Thanks box from Pooch Perks? Let’s find out!


We got the best of the best goodies that give back! Let’s check them all out!



The first thing we tried was our Dog for Dog  DogsBar! We had both the blueberry and peanut butter flavor and they were fantastic! I am not going to lie – these are gluten free and I almost tried them! Like SO close! Especially the blueberry one! These both looked like something we would buy at the grocery store for us humans! Considering we can be on the go a lot these are great small meal alternatives for those “oops we are running late” moments when your dog needs snack! Let’s see what Pippin and Lu thought! (Personally I think Pippin liked the blueberry the most and Lu Dog seemed to think the peanut butter was her favorite! She likes things more crunchy so I can see why they had their favorites!)


We had some goofy faces here! So check out the blue berry DogsBar faces!


After we tried the blueberry bar we had to give the peanut butter a shot! Check out these happy little wet noses!

You can tell someone (Pippin…) is getting a little impatient!

We also received a Dog for Dog toy too! This tugger is going to be a big favorite in this house! You can’t beat a tug of war toy with two pooches to entertain! This knotted barrel rope is a Pippin Tails winner!


If you haven’t checked out Dog For Dog and all their products take a look now! You will love the quality of this companies toys and their commitment to helping animals in need!

We also got some cool “human” goodies too! We received two items that I would classify as human goodies! Firstly, we received the One Fur All Wax Melts. One Fur supports non-profit and no-kill rescue groups all over the U.S. so we are proud to have this product. Looks like we will have to get something started in this house!


We will have to get a wax melter to use this, but hey that just means a Target trip. Which, if you’re not addicted to Target then comment below and we can make a whole post dedicated to JUST that! (But hey – it’s pumpkin spice flavor so PERFECT for the season!)


The other item that we got, which is for dog but hey – they don’t care how they smell! We also got another Dog For Dog item  that is the Aloe/Kiwi spray. DOGSPA spray is a great way to freshen up and a dog has been fed due to this product being purchased! This is a great smelling win!


We then had to open up some of our treats! This was mainly because Pippin was going to be crazy if we didn’t open his treat bags. Sometimes, just sometimes, he gets a little too into his unboxing!


First we opened our Mojo’s Morsels Cyds! These are low-fat square treats that are 100% pure pumpkin puree combined with non-GMO oats, grain free wheat and are super crunchy! (Which is always Lu Dog’s favorite kind of treat!) The team behind these treats founded Mojo’s to the Rescue 2015 to give back to the rescue community!


Next up we fell in love with Dogs Love Kale in Apple Crisp flavor. These little heart shaped biscuits aren’t just tasty – but they do good too! This particular item will be having proceeds donated to Brooke’s Legacy Animal Rescue. This is founded after her daughter who was involved in a fatal car accident. Her mother started this to give animals a second chance in honor of Brooke. Let’s all take a minute and buy a bag of these treats for our pups in honor of Brooke too.

After we took another snack break, we divide into the rest of our toys!

My favorite toy (as the person who cleans all the fluff up) was the Kong Teddy bear! It has little stuffing AND a replaceable squeaker. This will mean the world to Pippin as he LOVES getting the squeaker out of his toys!  Since 1976 Kong has given back to charitable causes around the world! There’s a brand that has been doing good for a long time!



Next up we got into our ASPCA Pixel and Burlap Dachshund toy! This was a huge hit!  You can visit our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for videos of Pippin playing with his toys! Pippin just LOVED this toy so much! In 2014 the ASPCA launched a plush line of toys, like this one, with a mission to protect and help animals as a non-profit group. As the last item we unboxed, I can say this was the perfect ending! You’ll have to check out the video!


All of these toys, treats and goodies were an a pleasure to review. It truly is a pleasure to support Pooch Perks as a monthly reviewer knowing that they give back like this too. Let’s take some time this month, and as frequently as possible, to be thankful for what we have. Even go a step further, and do something for others. That’s what we will ask of you this Thanksgiving from Pippin Tails.



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