Dogs · Pet Parents · pets · Product Review · Reviews · Subscription Box · THEDOGGIEBOX.COM November: An Unboxing of Subscription Boxes brings us a “crunchy” box this month! I am not sure that’s what they are calling it but, trust me when I say it’s “crunchalicious”! Every box comes with 5-7 full size treats and toys to make your doggie the happiest doggie they can be!


Let’s jump right in and start unboxing this box!

We started by opening up the Bubba Rose Biscuit Company Crack bar! This doggie bar is supposed to be able to be broken up into training size treats. It’s super crunchy and it does break up into little pieces if you’d like to use this for a training treat. Admittedly, we tried breaking them up but the minions just wanted to devour! So, we did it both ways! The dogs loved the pumpkin spice flavor and the crunchy reward!


Since we started by getting into our first bar, we went ahead and decided to munch on the second bar that sent us! This one reminded me a candy bar for dogs! This peanut butter cookie bar by The American Health Kennels Inc and Bark Bars was scrumptious! (According to the dogs of course!) This bar was super duper crunchy and the dogs got to munch for a few moments on it before it was all gone!


Sticking with the crunchy trend, we opened the Bear Crunch treats next! (Well, I ripped the bag so now the pups are going to be getting these for awhile until they are all gone!) These Charlee Bear “Bear Crunch” treats are made with no grains! These treats are very light and airy so would make a great training treat as well as a easy treat to store on the counter for every day doggie happiness!


Whew! These pups have been crunching away! I can tell you that some doggies won’t be finishing their dinner tonight after this box totally full of treats! We did get one toy though! We took a break and checked out our toy from Grriggles.


This toy was plushy and did have a squeaker.. Now, this toy is defluffed and happily sitting in the “Pippin won” stack of plushy toys! He loves getting the squeaker out and it’s his favorite thing to do! Which means I have to do A LOT of sweeping around here…


After we took a little play break we went back to our crunchalicious box. We decided to save one box of these treats since we had 6 treats! That’s right – six whole boxes of treats! You know this a box that will truly last ALL month! Check out these Healthy Dogma biscuits! These treats look super exciting and we can’t wait to dive into their apple goodness! Maybe these will be our Thanksgiving treats!


The last treat we tried was a big hit with Pippin but Lu Dog is just not a fan of Sweet Potatoes. You’d think she would like them but I think that she had a lot of sweet potatoes as a pup and got full of them! But, what I loved about this treats was the adorable packaging and they actually had a scent to them too! (Many potatoes bites don’t!) Check out these Puptato Chips! These chips are made by Puppy Cake and we LOVE them! You’ll have to check out their website! You can not only get these chips but you can also bake a cake for your dog! Check out our Instagram and Facebook to see what we’ve made your dogs! (Hint: It may have been a doggie cheesecake!)


This box was full of crunchy goodness! Not to mention, each box you buy helps give back to non-profit animal rescues! Want to see what else they’ve done? Check out our previous review now:  TheDoggieBox: An Unboxing of Subscription Boxes

Want to get a box?  Click the picture below and check them out. Order now for December! It will be the perfect gift for your pup!


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