Thanksgiving is right around the corner and we are here to bring you the very best Thanksgiving treats for Fido! That’s right – THE BEST! Have you heard of Vita Bone yet? If not, they are a game changing brand for the doggie biscuit world. Want to know more about Vita Bone? Check out Product Review: Vita Bone to learn all the stats and details of what makes these treats stand out!

We love Vita Bone, as you can see from our previous product review. Tonight we unveil our Vita Bone Artisan Treats made for Thanksgiving!  (Also, every time I write Vita Bone it wants to autocorrect to Vitamin which is actually highly accurate in this case!)


These treats are made for puppy Thanksgivings and gathering! They are Turkey Stuffing and Cranberry flavor and let me tell you, when I opened them it smelt like Thanksgiving! The wafting turkey scent mixed with citrus – honestly, it made me wish Thursday was already here!


Now, even though these looked scrumptious – I wasn’t going to be taste testing myself! So, we had the professionals take a look at these yummy treats! What you don’t see if the chaos when I opened this bag to take this picture! Apparently, I am not the only one who thought they smelled AMAZING!


These pups crunched away on these yummy, healthy and super savory biscuits! They each had three and pretty sure they were dead set on more! Good thing I am the one with the thumbs here or this would have gotten out of control!


These two pups gave these Vita Bone treats TWO PAWS UP! 

We would like to share some Thanksgiving Safety Tips sponsored by this post thanks to Vita Bone. Our pups are our family, but we must remember unlike our two legged and less hairy members – these family members have some restrictions at Thanksgiving dinner!

  1. No Cooked Bones: No matter what! I know some people do beef or ham on top of turkey on Thanksgiving Day. All of these bones are cooked and can splinter. These are not for Fido!
  2. No ONIONS! Seriously, almost everything has onions in it during Thanksgiving!
  3. No SALT! Dogs cannot handle salt the way humans can and it can cause seizures and more. That being said, you can probably sneak Fido some plain cooked turkey but stay away from pretty much anything with seasoning. Beef can be okay, if super plain (but more doubtful here) and ham is too fattening to be given in large doses and dogs don’t need all the fattening! We want healthy pups right?
  4. Deserts: Keep deserts away and high up. Many people leave these on the counter but your dog could become a counter surfer with all the yummy smells!
  5. Dairy: Dog’s aren’t meant to digest dairy (many animals aren’t after infancy) and therefore if it has dairy, its not for Fido. (You will see me give me dogs a pup cup once in awhile to share but when we are talking about a feast of scraps here – be careful)


I have had more vet professional tell me they see pancreatitis cases after Thanksgiving and Christmas than ANY OTHER TIME OF YEAR! Don’t let that be your dog! Make sure if giving scraps, give them plain meat and in limited amounts. They don’t know it’s a holiday and they don’t need to eat like it is! Take the safer route and get a bag of Vita Bone Artisan Turkey Stuffing and Cranberry Flavored biscuits for your dog instead!


That’s all from Pippin Tails and Vita Bone for now!

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