Pooch Perks “50 Shades of Ruff” Unboxing 

Happy Valentines Day to everyone! We’ve unboxed a whole box full of love! But first, we want to share some all new info from Pooch Perks!
Here are some of the new and exciting things you can expect from Pooch Perks:
1. We have done away with the PennyPincher, Popular and Pampered boxes. We now have one standard Popular Pooch box that subscribers can choose or they now have the ability to completely customize their box by selecting multiple available options (including grain sensitive, durable toys only, Treats only, Toys only, etc). While we always allowed complete customization by having the customer enter their request in the Notes Section at checkout, our new website now accounts for that during the order process.
2. Box prices now start at $11.95 for a sample box and range from $11.95 to $34.95 for a completely customized box. Most boxes average around $32.95 and the price is completely driven by how customized you would like your box.
3. Customers now have the ability to receive their box monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly with a variety of payment options. We now also offer discounts of up to 15% for 3, 6, and 12 month plans paid in advance.
4. We lowered the overall price for a standard Popular box but we now charge $5 Flat Rate shipping to the Continental US and $10 Flat Rate shipping to the outlying islands and Alaska. This will allow us to improve the overall quality of products in our boxes while still accounting for increases in shipping costs that USPS instated earlier this year.
5. We’ve added three new dog sizes to our program to better meet the needs of multiple size dogs. We now offer: Little Bit (dogs under 10 lbs), Small (dogs between 10-40 lbs), Medium (Dogs 40-70 lbs), Large (Dogs over 70 lbs) and Mixed (Households with multiple size dogs).
6. Our checkout process is much easier and smoother than under our prior system.
7. We now offer speciality boxes including a Welcome Home Puppy Kit and Birthday Box (
8. We now offer the ability to purchase gift cards (

These are just a few of the new and exciting things you can expect from the new! 

So, now that you know all the PAWSOME new things that Pooch Perks will be doing, let’s get to this box! 

We received three treats, three toys and a special surprise!

Our special surprise was this DOGWINE! How cool is this? Makes for a fabulous night at Pippin Tails!

We then tried these extra yummy, full of love, Down Dog Biscuits! These biscuits are limited ingredients, grain free apple berry biscuits!  The dogs loved these and I loved that they are grain free! 

Next up was he Dogma Jamaican Bacon Flavor Barkers! These heart shaped biscuits were super crunchy and the dogs went wild for more! These are also grain free which is a huge plus. We try to maintain grain free in our dogs diet as much as possible to maintain a primal diet. 

These were by far the favorite treats in the bunch! This venison jerky by Sally Snacks was the best! The dogs went crazy and each got a few of these scrumptious delights! These are very simple, no grains or crazy additives and I’d recommend every pet owner to buy these for their pups! Here’s a code to get some now! 

After we got our tummies full of treats, it was time for playtime!

We received a bouncy squeaky heart ball from Spunky Pup, a MultiPet Crinkle Toy and a Zippy Paws plush bear! Both the pups LOVED their month of love toys!

We had so much fun for this box and it made the dogs Valentines Day perfect! If you want to show your dogs some love check out Pooch Perks now!

Your pooch deserves some perks! Make sure they get them now! Comment below and tell us what your pups favorite toy or treat

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