Pet Treater March Box 

March has come in like a lion and out like a lamb and we have our last box of the month! We have a super cool, pawsome Pet Treater box to share! 

Are you ready?! 


As you can see Pippin is ready! (Don’t worry, we gave them lots of kisses for St. Patrick’s day! 

Let’s get a closer look! We got two treats and a cookie, two stuffies and two goodies!

Cold ears on your morning walk? Pet Treater has you covered! Admittedly, I don’t know what I’ll do with these but perhaps they will make an appearance in a White Elephant gift… 

Okay now these will be used! Its not just stinky bags BUT a flashlight to see the poo! Now that’s useful! Nature’s Miracle always provides some good quality products so I’m thrilled about this! Great for vacations!

Well, this one didn’t last long! The pups devoured this too quick for a good shot! BUT what you need to know is we had some great holiday cheer this month! (We may have celebrated with beer but hey, they get cookies!)

The pups LOVED these treats! If you’ve never had Market Cuts treats you’re missing out! (Well, your dog is!) What I love is they never have gluten, always real ingredients and they have so many treats per bag! Pet Treater keeps these coming and I couldn’t be happier! These ones are farm bites and we’ve tried them all!

(As you can see, the nerds loved them!)

We also got some Exclusively Dog Mini Grahams! We saved these for later because we had too many treats and cookies. Oh, and because I was holding out on the toys! 

This PetLou toy is HUGE! Like seriously huge! 

Huge! But they Pippin was enthralled with it! Let me say though; the amount of fluff all over the house was nuts!

The last toy kind of creeped me out but they loved it!

Another big one! We got this wonky looking weird dog thing by Plush Puppies. 

After some investigation it was playtime!

Each dog took their toy and the tearing, ripping and defluffing began! (We won’t show you the before and after pics of our house!) 

If you’re looking for a box that brings the store to your door; check out Pet Treater now! 

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