12 Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers

The holiday season is approaching and we are all rushing to find that perfect gift! Check out these gifts for your favorite dog lover this Christmas! 1. Frontporch Natural Christmas Dog Pillow - Target ($49.99) Get this PAWSOME Christmas themed pillow to bring your favorite dog lovers home space some tail wagging cuteness!  2. 2-Sided... Continue Reading →


7 Tips To Moving With Dogs

No matter where you are moving or why - nothing changes the fact that moving is AWFUL! We pack everything in boxes and carefully stack them up to simply put them in large trucks - hoping that are careful packaging will protect our items - and then unpack these suckers at the next place. Oh,... Continue Reading →


Here we go again! As much as we love Pippin and Lu Dog we have one more vacation planned that these two pooches won't be able to attend! We are headed to Amelia Island, FL!  We are so appreciate for our dog sitters who have agreed to come back again in such a short period of time... Continue Reading →

Dear Dog Sitter

It's hard when you take a vacation and your pups can't come! Why? Because they are going to miss out on all the FUN!  But that's not the only reason! What's even more challenging is what to do with your pups?! Do you have a trusted boarding facility? Perhaps your pet has special needs and... Continue Reading →

The Big V Word: The Veterinarian

It's funny how most pet parents take better care of their pets then they do themselves. Funny, but not surprising. If you're a parent to a human child as well as a fur child you know the drill. Infant check ups are frequent and detailed. Yearly visits are a mandatory part of life and vaccinations... Continue Reading →

14 Unique Gifts For Dog Moms

It's that wonderful time of year again! Mother's Day is right around the corner! (In fact, it is so close we should be more thankful than ever for overnight shipping!) We have compiled a list of great gifts to get for your favorite Dog Mom this Mother's Day! Perhaps she is also your Mom, which... Continue Reading →

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