12 Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers

The holiday season is approaching and we are all rushing to find that perfect gift! Check out these gifts for your favorite dog lover this Christmas! 1. Frontporch Natural Christmas Dog Pillow - Target ($49.99) Get this PAWSOME Christmas themed pillow to bring your favorite dog lovers home space some tail wagging cuteness!  2. 2-Sided... Continue Reading →


An Open Letter From The Dog: BED SHARING

Dear Humans, I am not sure that you noticed but last night I only had 1/2 of the bed. That is not the agreement that we laid out when I first choose you to be my humans. Now, I understand that you humans would like to split the bed into thirds so that we all have... Continue Reading →


It's still SO hot outside! But, that doesn't mean you can't have fun! It might be too hot to take a walk or go to the park but why don't you give your dog a bone and get coloring! That's right! Adult coloring books are all the rage right now and we wanted to have some... Continue Reading →


The Multiple Dog Household

The multiple dog household can be a daunting task to undertake! We all start with one right? How does one become more? Just over seven years ago, I got Layla. She wasn't even supposed to be a permanent dog. She was a foster failure and I have never been so happy to fail at anything in... Continue Reading →



Here we go again! As much as we love Pippin and Lu Dog we have one more vacation planned that these two pooches won't be able to attend! We are headed to Amelia Island, FL!  We are so appreciate for our dog sitters who have agreed to come back again in such a short period of time... Continue Reading →


Just For Fun: The Patriotic Pooch

It's finally Independence Day! With that comes fireworks, beer and friends and family! We wanted to have just a little fun for the holiday with our pups too! So we took Pippin to get a little spritzed up for the July 4th weekend. The whole procedure took approx 30 minutes and cost $27. A mere... Continue Reading →


Fun In The Sun With Fido: What Is Summer REALLY Like For Dogs?

It's official, all over the US we are breaking records for heat waves. So for many of us that means hitting the beaches, getting sun by the pool and cookouts. Well, it doesn't mean that for our pups. For dogs high heats can mean adventures with their human counterparts but often they don't enjoy summer... Continue Reading →


Just For Fun: Saturday in Pippin Land

The weekends are always the most fun for our pets! This Saturday we had such a great day that we wanted to share it with you! First, as all pups do on a Saturday morning, we lounged. And then we lounged some more. Lazy pups are the best pups! Then we went and got our... Continue Reading →


Just For Fun: Where’s Pippin?

Let's start off the day with a little #pippinlife! I wanted the share this typical day with Pippin except, it's not so typical! It's pretty hard to misplace Pippin's bright white coat and big black eyes! So, where is Pippin? Pippin thinks he's the true master of hide'n'seek! There's the Pippin! We love his crazy... Continue Reading →


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