The air is beginning to get that slight winters nip to it, but that doesn't mean the fun needs to stop! In fact, Kurgo will help you and your pup keep up with the weather with their Loft Jacket for your pooch to keep warm, and ready for anything! This dog jacket is one of Kurgo's... Continue Reading →


What To Feed Senior Dogs & Other Tips

It's not easy coming to grips with the fact that Lu dog is now into her senior dog years. Layla turned 7 years old in April and it was then I realized that she was finally the age that was marked on all the senior dog foods. Now, listen to your vet about your dog... Continue Reading →

Take Your Dog Outside: Kurgo Products Review

We at Pippin Tails want YOU to take your dog outside! Not just for your dogs health, but for yours too! So many hours of our days are stuck inside, staring at screens (like you're doing now) and not enough time is spent soaking in the sun! Now before we continue with this article we... Continue Reading →


The Elderly Dog and Joint Health: Cosequin DS

It's hard watching your spunky puppy turn into an adult dog and it's even harder to see your adult dog turn into a senior dog. Senior dogs need more care, more vet visits and some extra attention just like we do! As we age it's important to take care of all our aging parts of... Continue Reading →


Product Review: Chance’s Cookies

Here at Pippin Tails we love one thing more than anything else. TREATS! Okay, well we like toys, playing outside, going on walks and eating the furniture. But, we love treats too! We have the pleasure of bringing Chance's Cookies to Pippin Tails for a test trial and these biscuits are PAWSOME! So, what is Chance's Cookies? Chance's Cookies... Continue Reading →


Product Review: Skips For Dogs

We at Pippin Tails love our toys but we also love our dogs. It's hard as a pet parent to know there are pups out there that don't have families. In fact, it's heart wrenching. There are time I look at my mutts soundly sleeping in the bed, or playing fetch in the yard that... Continue Reading →


Product Review: Bully Bundles

  There is nothing more serene, or quiet, than a dog and his bone. But how many bones are actually safe for your dog? Not so many. Some bones, like rawhides are bleached and not digestible. Other bones can snap off and break into sharp shards while your pooch is munching in delight. Not to... Continue Reading →


Fleas, Ticks and Worms OH MY! Everything You Need To Know and How to Combat Them!

No, it is not the season for fleas, ticks and worms. It is ALWAYS the season for these little buggers! There is no time of year that we as pet owners don't face these guys! Some parts of the year, or parts of the world, will deal with these parasitic creatures more or less but... Continue Reading →


Product Review: Kronch USA Salmon Dog Treats and Salmon Oil

We had the pleasure of partnering up with Kronch USA to taste test their salmon and potato dog treats and their koldpressed salmon oil that is a s dry dog food additive. Let me tell you that the moment we brought the package inside those doggie noses just went to work! They knew instantly that... Continue Reading →


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