Product Review: Bully Bundles

Pippin is starting to get curious why his bone eating process is being captured by the camera.

There is nothing more serene, or quiet, than a dog and his bone. But how many bones are actually safe for your dog? Not so many.

Some bones, like rawhides are bleached and not digestible. Other bones can snap off and break into sharp shards while your pooch is munching in delight. Not to mention the fillers, preservatives and chemicals that are in so many bones that are offered to our dogs today.

Pippin Tails is always striving to find the very BEST products for your dog. We want to  shed some light on some great bones for you and your best friend! We want to introduce you to Bully Bundles! Bully Bundles will be your next favorite product!


Let’s start with the basics. 100% all natural beef that is responsibly sourced from Brazil. What does responsibly sourced mean? It means that the beef is free range, grass fed and raised without growth hormones or antibiotics! That’s better than what I can find for myself in the grocery store! It’s not easy finding grassfed beef but I promise it is SO worth it!

Beef is the ONLY ingredient making this a healthy option for Fido that is high in protein and low in fat.  There are no preservatives or chemicals used on these 100% digestible bones! While chewing these bones your dog will be cleaning their teeth and therefore giving them a healthier mouth! A healthy mouth is a healthy dog!

So, what makes Bully Bundles so unique? They are delivered to your door monthly! That’s right pet parents, now we have a company that bring those bones right to Fido!

That’s pretty PAWSOME right? It gets better! They have two different sizes too! Whether your a regular pup that needs some 6″ stick or your a little on the XL side of the spectrum and need a 12″ stick Bully Bundles can take care of you! Personally, I loved that as I know many of us “Like Big Mutts” and we want our big fur babies to be taken care of too!

So what did our product testers think? Well, let’s find out. (Also, taking pictures of dogs devouring some amazing bones is A LOT harder than you can imagine! Those little mouths were moving a mile a minute!)

Our product testers were in doggie heaven! They just loved these and I have to admit, I feel like a much better owner for feeding them these bones instead of some of the alternatives!

Lu Dog gives her TWO PAWS UP for Bully Bundles! 

Pippin couldn’t stop chewing! BUT, he gives tons and tons of tail wags for Bully Bundles!
Bully Bundles has created a customer here at Pippin Tails and we are so thankful for a great way to give a dog a bone! We love it, our dogs love it and we know you’ll love it too! IMG_3265.JPG


Our two pups loved these bones SO much that we wanted you to give them a try! We linked up with Bully Bundles and provided you a special code for 10% off your purchase! All you have to do is when you place your order use code PIPPINTAILS10 and you will get 10% off your purchase from Bully Bundles. You can click here to start your subscription now!



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