Summer 2018 – Pippin Tails Check-In

It’s time to bring us up to speed at Pippin Tails! Okay – so it has been awhile! In fact, it’s almost been two whole years since we have been active on our blog! Now, if you’ve kept up with us on Facebook and Instagram – then you know what we have been up to but I wanted to do a quick check-in and let everyone know what has been happening and what to expect for the future!

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Here is the quick debrief; You saw most of us but then in the fall of 2016 we bought a new house! It was awesome! In fact, it was so awesome that we moved in during a hurricane. Yup, that is how we roll in North Carolina. Lu dog and Pippin settled right in and we spent many months moving, settling in and handling these pesky things called careers and lives. During this time, we focused on keeping our social media presence but it was super hard to get in front of the computer.

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Okay, here is where you missed us! Here are the details you need to know. Dog Dad and I got engaged – I know right? Finally! We also adopted another dog! His name is Sneaux and he is a senior American Eskimo dog! Want to meet Sneaux? Stay tuned OR check out our Instagram for TONS of pictures and updates of Sneaux man! After we adopted Sneaux we had to extend the backyard out another 1/3 of acre so the dogs could play, we bought a few more dog beds and dealt with Pippin yelling for a few months because something disrupted his perfect life. We bought him an ottoman so he could always “fit” on the couch (he never fit, he just thought he did) and he pretty much calmed down. That’s 2017 in a nutshell.

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Okay, so we are halfway through but of course – we still have some news! It’s 2018, we are feeling a little more laid back and a touch bit classier. We also adopted a Ragdoll cat named Chester. Then we found out about a turtle fostering program through NC State University that helps rehab turtles that have been hit by cars, so now we have a rotating turtle wild pet. Did you know box turtles hiss? Well, they hiss. The cat also hisses. There must be a trend I didn’t notice until just now that it’s been a hissy fit of a year. Dog dad and I are getting married this year. I also started my graduate degree to be a school counselor and make a difference for humans too! I have pretty much transitioned to a mostly vegetarian diet because I am a bleeding heart (So sorry if you read some of that) and I am totally revamping our image. We have grown from “Pippin and Lu Dog too” to so much more. I have the opportunity to be working for a world-famous agriculture company while I am pursuing my Masters, that allows me to learn and understand more about animal nutrition and additionally I have been able to work with a world-renowned horse trainer as well! My knowledge and passion have grown so I am growing Pippin Tails to be a PET PARENT page and not just a dog blog. I hope you enjoy the variety of articles and more about anything that can live in your house! Well, you may hear a bit about Titan the horse too now! (He has actually been around longer than Pippin but previous was excluded from Pippin Tails because we are mean horse parents!! OKAY! So that is where we are and here is where we are going!

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Okay, so I kind of spoiled it but we are BACK! But, even though we will stick to our roots and provide information for dog parents we will also include any relevant information for ALL pet parents! Have you been wondering about essential oils and your pets? What about dog food nutrition questions? What age IS senior anyways? How big of a fish tank should you have for your Betta fish? Should you add that cat to your multi-dog home when one dog has a high prey drive? These are the questions we are going to answer and we are coming back in full swing! We will bring you information, announcements, products and more right here on Pippin Tails! So, thank you for being with us and we can’t wait to be the Pet Parent Blog that you go to!




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