Dog DNA Test Review: Embark

What breed is your dog? What health concerns should you have about that breed? Why does your dog do that thing?

These are all questions we have about our mixed breed dogs! If your pooch is a constant guessing game for friends and family, then a dog DNA test is what you need!

But which one?! There’s so many! If you want to read a comparison of multiple DNA tests, you can go to the article we wrote for chewy by reading What Breed Is My Dog: 3 Dog DNA Tests to Get to Know Your Pup. This post focuses on the Embark test and a little more about them.

After we did the article, we found that Embark was the most comprehensive test and we had 0 unknown factors for our dogs. In fact, if you review the previous article, you’ll see that Embark cleared up some odd stuff from his test. So as a reminder, here was Layla’s results:

So after we did this test for Layla for our Chewy article, we reached out to Embark and did one for Pippin. Like I said, you can view the other article for previous results.

Here we can see a full picture on Pippin now with the Embark test results:

What I found interesting is both of our mitts had Labrador Retriever AND Boxer in them! Kind of neat they have some similar traits right?!

So why Embark? Well, it’s really the full package! Unlike the other tests we’ve done, this one was VERY much like the human Ancestry DNA since the saliva is swabbed and then put in a liquid and mailed off. I feel this contributes to its accuracy.

Additionally, Embark is a part of Cornell University, so they use the results (if you opt in) to study more about dog breeds and health. It takes about a month longer to get results, but they are really working to give you the very best results!

Some other cool things I loved about Embark:

  • Customer Service – I had a question about Layla’s Panel and they were awesome! They wen back and had the scientist double check, and we found out she was a part of a one in a million DNA hair dog lottery!
  • Relatives – they will email you and let you know when other dogs with similar DNA patterns are added and mark them as relatives! Cool right?!
  • Health – I didn’t touch on this too much because it’s quite self explanatory but they screen for over 165 health issues in dogs! So, you can learn more about your dog from the inside, out!
  • Hands down, I really loved Embark so I wanted to take some time to share something about them in particular! No matter what the results are, we know your pooch is the best doggo ever! But, if you want to know more we 100% recommend Embark!
  • Want to get a test? Go to Embark now and use PAWSOME20 for $20 off!


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